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User’s Guide
Model 380945
Congratulations on your purchase of the Extech Mini 200A AC/DC Clamp-On MultiMeter
Adaptor. The 380945 Clamp Adaptor measures temperature and displays the results on a
multimeter or oscilloscope. There is no need to break circuits when measuring current with a
clamp device, simply open the meter jaw and clamp around the conductor under test. With
careful use, this device will provide years of reliable service.
Output to multimeter
0 - 4A DC
100mV per ADC
± (2.0% + 5mA)
0 - 40A DC
10mV per ADC
0 - 150A DC
1mV per ADC
150 – 200DC
± (1.0% + 20mA)
± (1.0% + 200mA)
± (2.2% + 200mA)
0 – 4A AC
100mV per AAC
± (2.0% + 5mA)
0 to 40A AC
10mV per AAC
± (1.5% + 30mA)
0 - 150A AC
1mV per AAC
150 – 200A AC
± (1.5% + 300mA)
± (2.2% + 300mA)
Measurement Examples
380945 Range
Current Measurement
Multimeter display
4A Range
40A Range
200A Range
Jaw size
AC Bandwidth
Power indication
Low Battery indication
Power consumption
Operating conditions
Storage conditions
0.9” (23mm) max
40Hz to 1kHz
Two (2) 1.5V ‘AA’ batteries
Power status LED
Red status LED
6mA (approximately)
14° to 122°F (-10 to 50 C), <85% R.H.
-4° to 140°F (-20 to 60 C), <75% R.H.
Operate below 2000 meters. For indoor use only.
7.2 x 2.5 x 1.4” (183 x 61.3 x 35.6mm)
6.7oz (190g)
Safety Information
Safety Symbols
This symbol, adjacent to another symbol or terminal, indicates the user must
refer to the manual for further information.
This symbol, adjacent to a terminal, indicates that, under normal use,
hazardous voltages may be present
This indicates that a potentially hazardous condition which, if not avoided,
could result in death or serious injury.
This indicates that a potentially hazardous condition which, if not avoided,
could result in injury or damage to the meter.
Safety Precautions
1. WARNING: Improper use of this meter can cause damage, shock, injury or death.
Read and understand this user's manual before operating the meter.
2. Make sure any covers or battery doors are properly closed and secured.
3. Use great care when making measurements if the voltages are greater than
25VAC rms or 35VDC. These voltages are considered a shock hazard.
4. Remove the battery if the adaptor is to be stored for long periods.
Model 380945 Version 1.1 October 2002
Panel Description
Transformer jaw
Jaw trigger
ON/OFF and range switch
Zero button
Power-On LED
Low battery LED
Output terminals
3 4 56
AC and DC Current Measurements
The 380945 Clamp Meter must first be connected to the Multimeter or Oscilloscope that
will be displaying the measurement results. For multimeters, this is accomplished using
the red and black test leads. Connect the red lead from the 380945 positive terminal to the
multimeter positive voltage terminal. Connect the black lead from the 380945 negative
terminal to the multimeter’s negative or COM terminal. For Oscilloscope connections use
a ‘Y’ cable (BNC to two standard test leads), connect the BNC to the Oscilloscope input
and connect the test leads to the 380945 output terminals.
1. Set the multimeter or oscilloscope to a mV or low voltage range. Use an AC Volt
range for AC current measurements or a DC Volt range for DC current
measurements. Note that for AC measurement applications, a true rms multimeter is
strongly recommended for best accuracy.
2. Determine the highest anticipated current reading and set the 380945 range
accordingly. If the approximate range of the measurement is not known, start with
the 200A range and work downward.
3. If the POWER status LED does not light when a range is selected, the batteries may
require replacing (refer to battery replacement section later in this guide).
4. For DC measurements, press the 380945 ZERO button (with no conductor in the
jaw) to zero the meter.
5. Press the Jaw Trigger to open the jaw. Clamp around a single conductor (refer to the
diagram below on correctly clamping around a conductor).
6. The 380945 will output a millivolt signal to the multimeter proportional to the current it
7. Read the Current measurement on the multimeter or oscilloscope display. If needed,
refer to the specifications chart earlier in this manual for details on interpreting the
displayed measurement.
Connecting the 380945
to a Multimeter
Clamping around a
Model 380945 Version 1.1 October 2002
Battery Replacement
The Low Battery status LED lights when the battery voltage falls to a critical level. To
replace the two (2) 1.5V ‘AA’ batteries, open the rear battery compartment by removing
the Phillips head screw (back, center of meter). Replace the batteries and re-assemble
the compartment.
EXTECH INSTRUMENTS CORPORATION warrants this instrument to be free of defects in parts and
workmanship for one year from date of shipment (a six month limited warranty applies on sensors and
cables). If it should become necessary to return the instrument for service during or beyond the warranty
period, contact the Customer Service Department at (781) 890-7440 ext. 210 for authorization or visit our
website at www.extech.com (click on ‘Contact Extech’ and go to ‘Service Department’ to request an RA
number). A Return Authorization (RA) number must be issued before any product is returned to Extech. The
sender is responsible for shipping charges, freight, insurance and proper packaging to prevent damage in
transit. This warranty does not apply to defects resulting from action of the user such as misuse, improper
wiring, operation outside of specification, improper maintenance or repair, or unauthorized modification.
Extech specifically disclaims any implied warranties or merchantability or fitness for a specific purpose and
will not be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental or consequential damages. Extech's total liability is limited
to repair or replacement of the product. The warranty set forth above is inclusive and no other warranty,
whether written or oral, is expressed or implied.
Support Hotline (781) 890-7440
Tech support: Ext. 200; Email: [email protected]
Repair/Returns: Ext. 210; Email: [email protected]
Website: www.extech.com
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Model 380945 Version 1.1 October 2002