EM6124 Fact Sheet - EM Microelectronic

25 to 8 MUX LCD Controller and Driver
High Uniformity of Contrast and no external components
The EM6124 is an ultra-low power bit map controller and
driver for full dot matrix monochrome STN LCD displays. The
driving capability is 25 rows x 96 columns to 8 rows x 113
columns addressed by 3-wire interface. VLCD is internally
generated until 7V without external components.
Key Features
High accuracy of frame frequency and LCD
voltage by laser trimming
No external components
Generated LCD voltage on chip
Typical Applications
3-wire interfaces
Mobile and DECT phones
LCD voltage digitally programmable 3V to 7V
MP3 and DVD players
Supply voltage from low 1.8V up to 5.5V
Automotive displays & car audio
True Low Current:
Graphic calculators
IDD=16µA (active)
Credit card readers
IDD=0.1µA (sleep)
Scales and utility meters
Temperature compensation of VLCD (4 coefficients)
Oscillator for LCD refresh on chip
Intermediate bias voltage generation on chip
Available in die with gold bumps, COG, COF and COB
High Uniformity of Contrast
by software
After laser
Flexibility and easy to design-in
Before laser
Uniformity of contrast of all dies in production
Usable with a wide range of modules
No flickering
Ideal for portable and mobile phones applications
Save PCB space
VLCD target
A tighter accuracy of VLCD ensures a better
uniformity of LCD constrast during production
Cost effective
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