Anaren Integrated Radio (AIR)
Low-power RF modules, firmware & development tools that make it easy to ’go wireless’
2541 System on Chip Series
The A2541R24A is a surface-mount radio module featuring Bluetooth® SMART
technology that incorporates the Texas Instruments ultra-low-power CC2541 SoC,
crystals, a PCB antenna and a DC/DC converter, all in one of the industry’s smallest
packages: 11x19x2.5mm. The module is pre-loaded with either TI’s BLE-Stack or
Em-Ware software from Emmoco and is certified with the Bluetooth SIG, US (FCC),
Canada (IC), and compliant with European (ETSI) and other global standards.
 2.4-GHz RF transceiver incorporating
Bluetooth SMART technology
 Excellent receiver sensitivity and robustness to
interference (-89/-94dBm typical in BLE LGM/HGM
mode with <0.1% BER)
 Programmable output power up to +1dBm
 Supports data rates up to 2 Mbps
 Wide input voltage range (2.0V – 3.6V)
 Available in tape & reel and matrix tray
 Module weight approximately 0.7 grams
 Certified/compliant for use in USA, Canada, Europe,
and many other global locations
Current Consumption: (Typ @ TC = 25°C, VDD = 3.0V)
 Active mode RX (CPU Idle): 14 mA
 Active mode TX (CPU Idle): 13 mA @0dBm, with
3 low power/sleep modes from 0.5uA to 270 uA
Minimal RF engineering experience necessary
Minimal Bluetooth® experience necessary
Easy to implement, short design cycle
No additional “Intentional Radiator” certification
required (FCC 15.247, IC RSS-210, EN 300 328)
Minimal real estate required
Easily implemented on a two layer PCB
No additional harmonic filtering required
100% RF-tested in production
Common footprint for similar products in family
No additional DC decoupling required
Accurate Digital RSSI support
Operating temperature –40 to +85˚C
FCC ID: X7J-A12062101 // IC: 8975A-A12062101
 Additional information on the Texas Instruments CC2541
Features TI TPS62730 step-down converter for
optimal power usage (approximately a reduction of
30% when radio operating at 3.0V and 40% at 3.6V)
 High-performance and low-power 8051
Microcontroller core with code prefetch
 256KB in-system programmable flash and 8KB RAM
with retention in all power modes
 Available with Emmoco firmware, designed for easy
implementation of embedded-mobile-connectivity
 Evaluation Module (EM) available for quickconnection to the TI Development Kit (CC2540DK)
 B-SMART BoosterPack kit available for use with TI
LaunchPad and other development kits
 Emmoco software and tools enable easy
communication between an embedded device and
Bluetooth SMART Ready phones and tablets
 Emmoco’s Em-Builder tools and Schema concept
generate code that makes sharing data between
embedded and mobile devices easy
device can be found in the company’s latest datasheet
release at http://www.ti.com
Additional information on Emmoco’s development
environment and tools can be found at
Industrial controls and monitoring, remote controls,
home/building automation, lighting systems, low power
wireless sensor networks, and consumer electronics,
sports monitoring, health & wellness
The Bluetooth® word mark and logos are registered trademarks owned by
Bluetooth SIG, Inc. and any use of such marks by Anaren Inc. is under license.
Other trademarks and trade names are those of their respective owners.
This product is not to be used in any implantable medical device or external
medical device intended to regulate or monitor biological functions, including but
not limited to devices such as pacemakers, defibrillators, cardiac
resynchronization devices, pressure sensors, biochemical stimulators and
Anaren shall not be responsible for any consequential damages arising from the
sale or use of this product for any use of this type. The ultimate user of the
product assumes all risk of personal injury or death arising from a prohibited use.
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Anaren Integrated Radio (AIR)
Low-power RF modules, firmware & development tools that make it easy to ’go wireless’
Product overview
Block diagram
The A2541R24A is a high-performance, FCC & IC certified and
ETSI-compliant SOC module featuring Bluetooth® SMART
technology that incorporates the Texas Instruments CC2541
transceiver chip in one of the industry’s smallest package (11 x
19 x 2.5 mm). The module incorporates two crystals,
TPS62730 step-down converter and the required RF matching
and filtering for regulatory compliance. The modules operate in
the global unlicensed 2.4GHz ISM/SRD frequency band.
These radio modules are ideal for achieving low power
wireless connectivity without having to deal with extensive
Protocol, RF design and regulatory compliance, allowing quick
time to market. The modules are 100% RF-tested to provide
consistent performance.
The A2541R24A has an RoHS-compliant ENIG finish and is
packaged in 27-piece matrix trays or on 500-piece tape & reel
for high-volume automated manufacturing.
Layout information
See product User’s Manual for detailed information.
Pin diagram
Pin-out shown is for operation using the Emmoco firmware
featuring Bluetooth® SMART technology. See TI CC2541
datasheet and A2541 User’s Manual for detailed pin descriptions.
Viewed from top side
Ground detail (corner)
Where applicable:
NC = “NO Connection”
Pin is NOT connected internally.
DNC = “Do Not Connect”
Pin reserved for internal use,
ensure mating footprint pads are
GND = “Ground”
Connect the maximum number
possible (minimum one for
proper operation).
References in (parentheses)
show native CC2541 pin
Caution! ESD sensitive device.
Precautions should be used when
handling the device in order to
prevent permanent damage.
The item described in this
product brief is part of our total
AIR Support solution. To learn
more, visit our website or just
ask us!
For more information
see product User’s
Manual, available
Footprint (PWB)
Ground detail (edge)
Chip series
Frequency band
Form factor
Design ID
6 Application
7 Packaging
(CC1101, CC2500, CC2530, CC8520)
(R = radio only, E = Range Extender)
(x 100MHz)
(A = Internal Antenna, C = Connector)
(10 = TI’s BLE-Stack,
20 = Emmoco Em-Ware software stack)
(G = General)
(R = Reel, M = Matrix Tray)
Anaren, Inc. | 6635 Kirkville Road | East Syracuse, NY 13057
800.411.6596 | www.anaren.com/air | [email protected]