8520 PurePath™ Series
The A8520E24A9X is a high-performance, *FCC-certified radio module
that incorporates the Texas Instruments CC8520 PurePath wireless audio
SOC, 259X Range Extender, and integral antenna all in the industry’s
smallest package 11 x 19 x 2.5mm.
Un-Compressed Wireless Audio Connectivity
Pre-defined protocol
Configurable human interface
Operates in the world wide 2.4GHz ISM band
FCC/IC compliant, shielded package
Autonomous or hosted mode
Integral Antenna
Integrated CC2591 Range Extender for long
range applications (A8520E24A91)
ETSI coming soon (Q2 2011)
87dBm Sensitivity
16dBm Output Power
>150m LOS range
Range through multiple walls (typ. 30m indoor)
Co-existence with WIFI and Bluetooth
48mA Master current consumption
Application Block Diagram
Operating temperature –20 to +85C
100% RF Tested in production for repeatable
Common footprint for US and European needs
No RF engineering experience necessary
No protocol experience necessary
Only requires a 2 layer Host PCB implementation
FCC & IC certified
No regulatory “Intentional radiator” testing required to integrate module into end product.
Simple certification labeling replaces testing.
Consumer Audio, Professional Audio
Portable Audio, Digital Radio
PLEASE NOTE: Additional information on the Texas Instruments CC8520
device can be found in the company’s latest datasheet release at
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Product overview
The A8520E24A91 is a high-performance, FCC/IC-certified radio
module that incorporates the Texas Instruments CC8520 transceiver
chip and the CC2591in the industry’s smallest package (11 x 19 x
The A8520E24A91 module is a surface mount module integrating a
8520 PurePath™ wireless audio transceiver with the CC2591
PA/LNA device ,for increased range, and an integral antenna. The
module incorporates a crystal, the required RF matching and filtering
for FCC/IC compliance as well as filtering on all digital lines for good
noise reduction and sensitivity. The modules operate in the global
non-licensed 2.4GHz ISM/SRD frequency band. These radio modules are ideal for achieving low power wireless connectivity without
having to deal with extensive Protocol, RF, antenna design and regulatory compliance, allowing quick time to market. The modules are
100% tested to provide consistent performance.
The A8520E24A91 has an RoHS-compliant ENIG finish and is packaged on tape and reel for high-volume automated manufacturing.
Ground Plane Control
Note: PurePath™ is a trademark of Texas Instruments
Pin diagram
Chip series
Frequency band
Form factor
Design ID
(1101, 2500, 8520)
(R = radio only, E = Range Extender)
(x 100MHz)
(A = Internal Antenna, C = Connector)
(90 for Europe, 91 for North America)
(G = General)
(R = Reel, M = Matrix Tray)
Caution! ESD sensitive device. Precautions
should be used when handling the device in
order to prevent permanent damage.
Anaren, Inc. / 6635 Kirkville Road / East Syracuse, NY 13057
800.411.6596 / / [email protected]