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Ranger Selectors
D e c - R a n g e r TM D e c a d e R e s i s ta n c e S e l e c t o r
F e at u r e s
•Rotary tap switches operate in either
•Direct digital readout
A precision, ±0.1%
accuracy, decade
resistance box. The
unit has a sturdy
metal housing, universal binding posts
and a grounded metal
post for effective
Power 0.5 watt per resistor.
Accuracy ±0.1% (plus 0.03Ω maximum
contact and circuit resistance)
TC of ±20 PPM/°C
Number of 6
Range 1Ω thru 1,111,110Ω in 1Ω increments
Switch life in excess of 50,000 operations
Dimensions 101/2" wide, 33/4" high, 45/8" deep
Weight 3 lbs. 10 oz.
Model No. 3416
o h m - R a n g e r ® R e s i s ta n c e S e l e c t o r
F e at u r e s
An economical, portable resistance selector
with a range to over
11,000,000Ω, in 1Ω
increments. Has three
binding posts, one to
ground the case.
•Sliding switches
•Handy slimline size
•Rugged metal construction
Power 0.5 watts (Do not
exceed 250V)
Accuracy ±1.0% (≥10Ω)
±5.0% (≤9.99Ω)
Number of 7
Range 1Ω thru 11,111,110Ω
in 1Ω increments
Weight 13 oz.
Model No. 3420
c a p - R a n g e r ® c a pa c i ta n c e S e l e c t o r
F e at u r e s
•Sliding switches
•Handy compact size
•Rugged metal construction
An economical, portable capacitance
selector with three
binding posts, one
to ground the metal
Model No. 3430
Accuracy ±2%
Maximum 200 VDC
Residual 60 pf (typical)
100 picofarads to
11.111 microfarads in
100 picofarad steps
Dimensions 4" x 6" x 1"
Weight 13 oz.
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