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141 Mt. Bethel Road
Warren, New Jersey 07059
March 15, 2016
Securities and Exchange Commission
Division of Corporation Finance
100 F Street, N.E.
Washington, D.C. 20549
Re: Anadigics, Inc.
Registration Statement on Form S-3
Filed August 26, 2015
File No. 333-206590
Application for Withdrawal
Ladies and Gentlemen:
Pursuant to Rule 477 under the Securities Act of 1933, Anadigics, Inc. (the “Company”) hereby respectfully requests the withdrawal, effective as of the date
hereof or as soon as practicable thereafter, of its above-referenced Registration Statement on Form S-3, together with all exhibits thereto (the “Registration Statement”).
The Registration Statement was declared effective on September 22, 2015; however, no securities were sold in connection with the offering contemplated in the
Registration Statement.
The Company was acquired today by an affiliate of II-VI Incorporated and became a wholly-owned subsidiary of II-VI Incorporated. In connection therewith,
the Company has begun the process to terminate its registration under the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, as amended.
If you have any questions regarding this request for withdrawal, please do not hesitate to contact W. Raymond Felton at (732) 476-2670 or
[email protected]
Respectfully submitted,
By:/s/ Ronald L. Michels Ronald L. Michels,
Chief Executive Officer