60 Volt DC Fans

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60 Volt DC Fans
Higher voltage fans
for telecom applications
OD6025-60LB Series
OD9225-60HB Series
60mm x 25mm (2.36” x 1.0”)
Airflow: 26 CFM
92mm x 25mm (3.6” x 1.0”)
Airflow: 69 CFM
OD1238-60HB Series
120mm x 38mm (4.7” x 1.5”)
Airflow: 115 CFM
Features and Benefits
•Accepts input voltage from 36VDC to 72VDC without sustaining damage
•Available special options: tachometer output, locked rotor alarm, IP55-sealing, PWM
& constant speed controls
•Operating temperature from -20°C to +70°C
•Life expectancy (L10) of 65,000 hours at 45°C
•Additional frame sizes in stock - custom orders available
•Worldwide availability with JIT delivery programs
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