April 2013 Issue

April 2013
Salt Fog / Salt Spray Resistant Fans
Ideal for automotive, military and marine
applications, Orion's OA109 and OA172
AC fans and the OD1238 DC fan meet
international standards on salt spray
tests. These IP55-rated fans have been
subjected to salt fog, salt spray,
temperature changes and humidity and
have exceeded the accelerated salt fog
testing lasting from 8 to 3000 hours.
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Fans for high static pressure
Do you need to move large amounts of air
in a densely populated enclosure? Orion's
Vane Axial fans create maximum airflow in
high static pressure environments.
Available in four popular frame sizes,
(OD6038VA 60x38mm, OD8038VA
80x38mm, OD9238VA 92x38mm,
OD1238VA 120x38mm) these fans deliver
a max airflow of 283 CFM with a max static
pressure of .74 – 1.85" H20. Key
applications include networking and
telecom, industrial electronic cabinets,
medical imaging equipment (CT scanner/
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IP55-Rated Rugged AC Fan
For harsh environments with dust,
moisture and other contaminants, you can
count on one of Orion's many IP55-rated
AC Fans ranging in size from 120mm –
280mm. With the shortest lead times in the
industry, these robust AC fans can be
shipped quickly for new product designs or
for retrofit and/or replacement.
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