Component Modifications

Lead Attach to LCC’s
• Thermocompression Weld Lead Attachment Process
• High Temp Solder Lead Attachment Process
-Gullwing Form
-Spider Gullwing Form
• Replace & Reform Leads on Components
Trim & Form Components
• Trim, Form & Solder Dip ‘J’ Leaded, SOIC, SOJ Packages;
Other Packages Not Limited to DIP, PSOP, TSOP, FP’s
& QFP’s.
Robotic Hot Solder Dip
• Lead Tinning/Solder Dip
• Terminal Finish Conversion
• Solder Exchange From RoHS to SnPb
BGA Modifications
• BGA Reballing For Conversion to Tin-Lead (SnPb)
• Ball Attach
Tape & Reel
High Performance Epoxy Preforms
• Individual Preforms are Mounted to Ceramic, Glass or
Metal Caps & Lids
• X-Ray Fluorescence Analysis (XRF)
• Solderability Testing
• Particle Impact Noise Detection Test (PIND)
AS9100 Certified
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