CCC Statement valid for Solid State Relays

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February 2016
CCC Statement
To determine if a component, family of components or equipment is required to have the CCC approval,
the CHINA QUALITY CERTIFICATION CENTER has published a cross reference between the GB
standards and IEC standards.
Crydom has examined this cross reference in great detail and in the category where relays are identified
as an Item, “Low-voltage electrical apparatus” the IEC standard referenced is IEC60947-5-1:1997 which
is cross referenced to CCC standard GB14048.5-2001.
Crydom solid state relays are designed to comply with the requirements of IEC 62314:2006 and are
approved to EN60950-1. These standards do not appear in the “Low voltage electrical apparatus”
section of CCC Category.
Based on this difference between the Crydom IEC standard and the cross referenced standard it can be
concluded that Crydom solid state relays are outside the scope of the relevant CCC standard and
therefore do not require CCC approval.
Oscar Rivera
Engineering Director
Solid State Relays (Industrial Sensing)
Crydom Inc.
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