CS5373A/78 Product Bulletin

7 .4 mm
9. 9 mm
C S 5373 A
28-p in SSOP dime nsions
CS5373A Features
•Dual power-supply configuration
•VA+ = 2.5 V; VA - = - 2.5 V; VD = 3.3 V
•Small footprint: 28-pin SSOP package
CS5373A Modulator
•24-bit analog-to-digital conversion
•Fourth-order Delta-Sigma architecture
•Clock-jitter-tolerant architecture
•Input voltage range 5 Vp-p differential
•High dynamic range (signal-to-noise ratio)
•127 dB at 215 Hz bandwidth (2 ms sampling)
•124 dB at 430 Hz bandwidth (1 ms sampling)
•Low Total Harmonic Distortion (THD)
•-118 dB THD typical
•-112 dB THD max
•Low-power consumption
•Normal mode: 5 mA
•Sleep mode: 220 µA
CS5373A Test DAC
•Digital Delta-Sigma input, differential analog output
•Selectable differential outputs (OUT±, BUF±)
•Selectable output attenuation
• 1, 1/2, 1/4, 1/8, 1/16, 1/32, 1/64
• User programmable test modes
• AC differential/common mode output
• DC pulse/calibration output
• AC output voltage: 5 Vp-p differential
• DC output voltage: 2.5 Vdc differential
• Outstanding noise performance
• 114 dB SNR @ 430 Hz bandwidth
• Low total harmonic distortion (THD)
• OUT±: -115 dB THD typical, -112 dB THD max
• BUF±: -105 dB THD typical, -95 dB THD max
• Low-power consumption
• Normal mode: 8 mA
• Sleep mode: 500 µA
• Power down: 120 µA
High-Performance Chipset for
Seismic & Geophysical Measurements
The CS5373A & CS5378 Chipset
CS5373A Test DAC
The CS5373A is a single-channel,
high-performance, low-power, fourth-order
Delta-Sigma modulator plus an integrated
test DAC for sensor and electronics channel
testing. The CS5378 is a multifunction
digital filter utilizing a low-power signal
processing architecture to achieve efficient
filtering for Delta-Sigma modulators. When
combined, the CS5373A and the CS5378
produce a compact high-resolution, selftesting, analog-to-digital measurement
system that is ideal for single-sensor
seismic and geophysical applications.
The CS5373A integrated Test DAC
is a multifunction differential output
digital-to-analog converter intended
to test high-resolution, low-frequency
measurement systems.
CS5373A 24-Bit Delta-Sigma Modulator
The CS5373A modulator provides high
dynamic range and low total harmonic
distortion, while consuming significantly
less power per channel than our previous
generation seismic modulators. This
modulator consumes 5 mA in normal
operation, 220 µA when placed in sleep
mode and by halting the input clock of the
modulator, it enters a power down state
using only 2 µA.
The dual outputs provide a precision
output (OUT±) for testing the electronics
channel and a buffered output (BUF±) for
in-circuit sensor testing. DAC distortion
performance (THD) is typically -115 dB
from the precision output and -105 dB from
the buffered output. Noise performance
is 114 dB SNR over a 430 Hz bandwidth.
Driven with a digital Delta-Sigma bit
stream from the CS5378 digital filter, the
maximum AC analog output voltage is a
differential 5 V peak-to-peak signal.
Low-power consumption, selectable
attenuation, dual outputs and
programmable test modes make this
device ideal for testing single sensor
seismic acquisition systems and
geophysical instruments.
7 .4 mm
9. 9 mm
C S 5378
28-p in SSOP dime nsions
CS5378 Features
• Single-channel digital decimation filter
• Multiple on-chip FIR and IIR
coefficient sets
• Programmable coefficients for custom filters
• Synchronous operation
• Selectable output word rate
• 4000, 2000, 1000, 500, 333, 250 SPS
• 200, 125, 100, 50, 40, 25, 20, 10, 5, 1 SPS
• Integrated PLL for clock generation
• 1.024 MHz, 2.048 MHz,
or 4.096 MHz input
• Standard clock or Manchester-encoded input
• Digital Calibrations
• Gain correction
• Offset correction
• Offset calibration
• Digital test bit-stream signal generator
• Sine wave or impulse output mode
• Ideal for use with the CS5373A
Seismic Test DAC
Highly Integrated, Multifunction Decimation
Filter with PLL Delivers Accurate Results
The CS5378 is a multifunction digital filter
utilizing a low-power signal processing
architecture to achieve efficient filtering
for Delta-Sigma modulators. Digital filter
coefficients for the FIR and IIR filters are
included on chip or can be programmed
for custom applications. Using the on-chip
selectable coefficient sets, the digital filter
decimation ratios produce output word
rates ranging from 4,000 SPS to 1 SPS,
resulting in measurement bandwidths
ranging from 1,720 Hz down to 430 mHz.
The CS5378 provides highly integrated
peripherals that simplify system design:
• Selectable digital filter decimation ratios
• Offset and gain corrections
• CS5373A digital test DAC bit-stream
Single-S. A Superior Seismic Solution.
The CS5373A Delta-Sigma modulator
with integrated test DAC and the CS5378
digital filter are the foundation of our
Single-S seismic platform. When combined
with the CS3301A/02A differential
amplifiers, this chipset can easily and
quickly create a flexible high-resolution
single-sensor measurement system for
seismic and geophysical data acquisition.
The bottom line? With this chipset,
your system ROI is enhanced. Cirrus
Logic’s fourth-generation seismic
development provides a chipset with
exceptional performance and low-power
consumption in a very small footprint,
enabling end-measurement instruments
to perform efficiently and accurately in a
smaller, lighter package size compared
to previous generation products.
signal generator
• Time-break controller
• 8 general-purpose I/O pins
• On-chip PLL and SPI port
• Time break controller
• 8 general-purpose I/O
• Microcontroller or EEPROM configuration
• Low-power consumption
• 20 mW at 500 SPS OWR
• Flexible power supplies
• I/O interface and PLL: 3.3 V or 5.0 V
• Digital logic core: 2.5 V, 3.3 V, or 5.0 V
• Small footprint: 28-pin SSOP
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