CS4385/65 Product Bulletin

Control Port Supply = 1.8 V to 5 V
Digital Supply = 2.5 V
Analog Supply = 5 V
Hardware Mode or
I2C/SPI Software Mode
Control Data
Serial Audio Port
Supply = 1.8V to 5 V
Eight Channels of
PCM Serial
Audio Input
48-pin LQFP
TDM Serial
Audio Input
8.7 mm
Mute Signals
DSD Audio
8.7 mm
IC dimensions
(pin-to-pin nominal)
Outstanding Audio Fidelity
8-channel (CS4385)
6-channel (CS4365)
24-bit conversion
114 dB dynamic range
-100 dB THD+N
Advanced multi-bit Delta-Sigma
Up to 192 kHz sample rates for
DVD-Audio equipment
Direct Stream Digital mode (SACD)
• Non-decimating volume control
• On-chip 50 kHz filter
• Dedicated inputs
Supports industry-standard TDM
Selectable low-latency digital filters
Volume control with soft ramp
• 0.5 dB step size
• Zero crossing click-free transitions
Low clock jitter sensitivity
µC or stand-alone operation
6 mute output pins (CS4365)
2 mute output pins (CS4385)
Pin-compatible devices for easy
upgrade path
Available in a 48-Pin LQFP
CS4385 Price: $5.48 (10K)
CS4365 Price: $4.29 (10K)
New High-performance D/A Converters are
Ideal for SACD & DVD-Audio Systems
Designed for Multichannel Applications
These new Cirrus Logic® 8 and 6-channel
For SACD applications, these D/A
digital-to-analog converters provide
converters include a patented Direct
precisely what designers need in today's
Stream Digital processor, which includes a
multichannel audio applications. They
volume-control engine that does not
deliver premium analog performance and
decimate the data stream, thereby
sound quality by utilizing low-latency digital
maintaining the native sampling rate of
filtering, fifth-order, multi-bit, Delta-Sigma
2.8224 MHz and preserving the integrity of
digital-to-analog conversion, logarithmic
the SACD data format. Also included is an
digital-volume control and switched-
on-chip 50 kHz filter that complies with
capacitor analog filtering. Both ICs use
recommendations in the SACD standards.
patented automatic mode selection based
Cirrus Logic's techniques for providing
on sample rate detection to support PCM
SACD volume control and filtering offers
data at sample rates from 4 kHz to 192
manufacturers the ability to add SACD at
kHz, and a dedicated interface is included
no additional cost in the analog section of
for DSD audio data. Design the CS4385
their products.
(8-channel), and CS4365 (6-channel) into
your next-generation home theater
systems, high-performance sound cards,
SACD and DVD players, A/V receivers,
automotive audio systems, mixing
Ease of design, a high level of integration,
and a flexible feature set allows
manufacturers to minimize time to market
while maximizing performance and
consumer affordability.
consoles, and effects processors.
C i r r u s L o g i c , I n c . · 2 9 0 1 V i a F o r t u n a · A u s t i n T X 7 8 74 6 U S A · T 5 1 2 - 8 5 1 - 4 0 0 0 · T 8 0 0 - 8 8 8 - 5 0 1 6 · F 5 1 2 - 8 5 1 - 4 9 7 7
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