CS42516/26/18/28 Product Bulletin

Leading the Digital Entertainment RevolutionTM
New 6 & 8 Channel Surround Sound Codecs Deliver 192 kHz
Perfect for AVRs, DVD Receivers and Automotive Systems
CS42516/18/26/28 Features
CS42516/26 CS42518/28
Dynamic Range
Dynamic Range
114 dB
114 dB
100 dB
100 dB
110/114 dB 110/114 dB
100 dB
100 dB
Two 24-bit ADCs
-100 dB THD+N
192 kHz sampling rates
S/PDIF receiver compatible with EIAJ CP1201
and IEC-60958
8:2 S/PDIF input MUX
Recovered S/PDIF CLK or OMCK system clock
ADC high pass filter for DC offset calibration
Digital output volume control with soft ramp
Digital +/- 15 dB input gain adjust for ADC
Differential analog architecture
Supports logic levels between 1.8 V and 5 V
Available in a 64-pin LQFP
CS42516 price: $3.93 (10 K)
CS42518 price: $4.65 (10 K)
CS42526 Price: $5.29 (10 K)
CS42528 price: $6.97 (10 K)
Actual Size
The CS42516/18/26/28 are highly integrated 24-bit, surround sound
CODECs. These six or eight channel CODECs support 192 kHz making them an ideal choice for AVRs, DVD receivers, digital mixing
consoles and automotive audio systems. By integrating two ADCs
and six or eight DACs along with a S/PDIF receiver, all non-DSP
functionality is on one chip—reducing overall system count from up
to six parts to one in some cases. In fact, a two-chip AVR design is
now a reality. And, this cost savings means manufacturers can now
bring advanced features such as DVD-Audio into more affordable
consumer systems.
This innovative CODEC family also provides optimum design
flexibility and performance levels for a wide range of applications.
Offered in six and eight channel versions, with each available in two
performance categories—110 dB and 114 dB dynamic range—the
devices deliver an effective solution with minimum design changes.
Actually, the pin-compatible parts can be easily exchanged depending
on the level of performance needed. You can take advantage of a
variety of one-line data modes (OLMs) by adding two external ADCs.
With the flexibility of the CS42516/26/18/28 family, one board
design can be used to target various performance and price levels for
your next AVR, DVR receiver, and automotive system applications.
Integration and flexibility mean faster time to market for your next
exciting entertainment product.
The CS42516/26/18/28 are Cirrus Total-E™ ICs specifically designed
for consumer entertainment electronics.
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