Press-Fit Snap-In Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors

Press-Fit Snap-In Aluminum
Electrolytic Capacitors
ALC Series
Why Choose KEMET
KEMET Electronics Corporation is a leading
global supplier of electronic components. We
offer our customers the broadest selection of
capacitor technologies in the industry, along
with an expanding range of electromechanical
devices, electromagnetic compatibility solutions
and supercapacitors. Our vision is to be the
preferred supplier of electronic component
solutions for customers demanding the highest
standards of quality, delivery and service.
Features & Benefits
Eliminates soldering process problems
Meets BS EN 60352-5:2012
Compact size
Reliable electrical contacts
High ripple current
Excellent surge voltage capability
Customized spacing of press-fit connections
Quick exchange of components
Product Checklist
• What is the pin configuration required?
• What are the operational conditions of your
application? Do you have a specification
– What is the applied voltage VDC?
– What is the operational temperature?
– What is the applied ripple current
– What life expectancy is required?
– What are the end of life criteria?
• Does the application have size constraints?
If so, what are they?
• Does the application require UL recognized
Uninterruptible power supply (UPS)
Switch mode power supplies (SMPS)
Energy storage
Demanding power supplies
Frequency inverters
Electrical/Physical Characteristics
Case Sizes
Temperature Range
Voltage Options
Capacitance Values
40, 45 and 50 mm
30 to 120 mm
±20% at 100 Hz
-40°C to +105°C
16 – 550 VDC
47 – 120,000 µF
Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Requirements
PCB Thickness: 1.57 mm Minimum
Ø 1.613 ± 0.025
Copper Thickness
0.025 minimum
Final Plated Through-Hole Diameter
Ø 1.486 ± 0.076
Pin Insertion Force
178 N (40 lbf) maximum
Pin Retention Force
62 N (14 lbf) minimum
(Final Plated Through-Hole)
Press-Fit Male/Female Interconnects
Insertion/Retention Forces
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and engineering kits,
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Tests performed on 2, 3, 4 and 5 pin press-fit decks show a consistent insertion force of 100 N per pin.
• 2 pin press-fit deck requires 200 N insertion force
• 3 pin press-fit deck requires 300 N insertion force
• 4 pin press-fit deck requires 400 N insertion force
• 5 pin press-fit deck requires 500 N insertion force
A force > 500 N has been repeatedly applied to the finished product (4 pin version).
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