NEC MultiSync® PA242W
NEC LCD 24" Professional Desktop Display
Professional Reference 10-bit AH-IPS GB-R LED Display
delivers uncompromising image quality as well as minimising
life-cycle environmental impact. Uniting outstanding colour
reproduction, class-leading ergonomics, an built-in carbon
savings meter, ambient light sensor and 10-bit AH-IPS
performance makes it ideal for creative professionals.
The ideal display for all creative professionals, designers,
photographers, CAD-CAM, video-editing, finance, precision
engineering, medical imaging, broadcasting and industrial
applications (e.g. NDT) and anyone who cares about their
visual work.
Future-proof Connectivity - as well as easier support of high
resolution, 10-bit AH-IPS colour signals is assured with the
DisplayPort connector.
Improved Productivity and Reduced Desk Clutter - through
easy multi-platform support and input following USB hub.
Picture-by-picture allows two different platforms to be
simultaneously viewed. A single mouse and keyboard can be
switched to the active operating system.
Instant Real-time Visualisation - with the 3D LUT colour
emulation and the picture-in-picture function you can simulate
accurately different lighting conditions with varying paper
Responsible Approach to Environmental Impact - is
maintained, without any performance compromise: ambient
light sensor, Carbon Footprint Meter / Carbon Savings Meter
and efficient cabinet packing design.
Save Time and Increase Personal Productivity - see reality on
your screen and see your creative masterpieces precisely as
you envisioned them.
This document is © copyright 2014 NEC Display Solutions Europe GmbH.
Ergonomic. Suitable for long and intensive working with 150 mm height adjust,
Advanced NTAA and 10-bit AH-IPS viewing angle stability for best ergonomics.
Input. Each input can be assigned independently, 3D LUT (9x9x9) to define a unique
colour space e.g. sRGB, Adobe RGB.
Integrated USB Hub (2 up; 3 down) can be used to attach USB peripherals such as
mouse and keyboard. At the same time the 2 up connectors can be assigned to
different video inputs which may be feeding the Picture-in-Picture function. Since the
USB standard is very widely supported, easy cross-platform support is assured when
working simultaneously in an heterogeneous environment.
Cabinet and Stand Design allow a very reduced packaging footprint compared to
similar displays. The carbon savings meter, with the built-in ECO Mode allows
responsible energy usage and at the same time motivates and informs the user about
their usage behaviour. The built-in ambient light sensor adjusts the brightness of the
monitor to environmental brightness conditions which again optimises energy usage,
as well as providing an ergonomic brightness level.
NEC MultiSync® PA242W
Technical Specification NEC MultiSync® PA242W
Panel Technology
24.1 / 61.1
Screen Aspect Ratio
Brightness (typ.) [cd/m2]
Contrast Ratio (typ.)
Viewing Angle [°]
178 horizontal / 178 vertical (typ. at contrast ratio 10:1)
Response Time (typ.) [ms]
8 (grey-to-grey); 16 (8 white / black; 8 black / white)
Colours [Billion]
1.073 (10-bit per colour)
Colour Gamut Size / Coverage
108.6% / 99.3% Adobe RGB
Horizontal Frequency [kHz]
Vertical Frequency [Hz]
Adjustable power LED (colour and brightness), Advanced NTAA,
AmbiBright, Auto Black Level, Auto Brightness, Auto Contrast,
AutoBright, CableComp with Sync Continuity Detection,
ColorComp, DDC/CI compatible, Direct Brightness and Contrast,
EcoModes, GammaComp (14-bit Look Up Table and 16-bit
processing), GB-R LED Backlight, Integrated USB Hub (2 up; 3
down), NaViSet Administrator 2, Overdrive, Picture-in-Picture
Mode, PiP/PbP, Programmable 3D LUT, Quick release Stand and
Handle, Rapid Response Technology, RapidMotion, Self
Diagnostics, TileComp, TileMatrix, TORO™ Design, Windows 8
Optimum Resolution
Power Consumption on Mode [W]
Carbon Footprint Meter / Carbon Savings
Efficient mechanical design for minimised
packaging; Minimal use of harmful material
ErP compliant; TCO 6.0
31.5 - 93.8 and 118.4 (analog); 31.5 - 91.1 and 118.4 (digital)
50 - 85
1920 x 1200 at 60 Hz
1920 x 1080p; 1600 x 1200; 1280 x 1024; 1280 x 960; 1280 x 720p; 1200 x 1920;
1152 x 870; 1152 x 864; 1024 x 768; 832 x 624; 800 x 600; 720 x 576p; 720 x
480p; 720 x 400; 640 x 480; 640 x 480p
1 x DVI-D; 1 x HDMI; 1 x DisplayPort
1 x D-sub 15 pin
37 (typ.); 28 (Eco Mode); 56 (max.)
Power Savings Mode [W]
Power Supply
100-240 V; 0.84 A/0.38 A; integrated power supply
Operating Temperature [°C]
Operating Humidity [%]
Height adjustable stand [mm]
+5 to +35
20 to 80
150; 150 (Landscape mode)
Screen Tilt / Swivel [°]
-5 to +30; -45 to +45
Screen Rotate [°]
0 to 90 (landscape to portrait mode)
Bezel Width [mm]
Energy Efficiency
AH-IPS GB-R LED Backlight
Screen Size [inch/cm]
18.2; 18.2 (left and right); 18.2 (top and bottom)
Dimensions (W x H x D) [mm]
556.8 x 378 - 528 x 227.6 (Landscape mode); Without stand: 556.8 x 362.4 x 85
Weight [kg]
10.6; Without stand: 7.4
VESA Mounting [mm]
100 x 100 (4 points); 200 x 100 (5 points)
Colour Versions
Silver Front Bezel, Light Grey Back Cabinet; Black Front Bezel, Black Back Cabinet
Cable Management
Kensington security slot
Plug and Play
Adjust Functions
Advanced NTAA (Advanced Non-Touch-Auto-Adjustment); Advanced User Menu;
Auto Adjust; Black Level; Brightness; Colour Temperature Control; Contrast;
Expansion Mode; Fine Adjust (analog); Hotkeys; Intelligent Power Management;
Language Select; Monitor Information; OmniColor™: sRGB and 6-axis-colourcontrol; On-Screen-Display (OSD) lock-out; PiP; Sharpness; USB
Shipping Content
Monitor; Power Cable; Sales Office List; User Manual
Signal Cable: Mini DisplayPort; DVI-D - DVI-D
Safety and Ergonomics
CE; ErP; TCO 6.0; TÜV Ergonomics; TÜV GS; C-tick; FCC Class B; PCT/Gost; UL/CUL or CSA; CCC; ISO 9241-307 (pixel failure class I); MPR II/ MPR III; PCBC/Bmark; PSB; RoHS