51-250.0 Echotel vs Tuning Fork

(less is more)
ECHOTEL Ultrasonic Level Switches
The more you rely on ECHOTEL ultrasonic level switches,
the less you will worry if a tuning fork is up to the job of
providing the outstanding quality, reliability and overfill
prevention your facility needs.
ECHOTEL® ultrasonic switches provide continuously accurate and
reliable level control that outperforms tuning fork technology.
While tuning forks have been widely adapted by the industry,
the fact is ECHOTEL ultrasonic switches offer more benefits
More Performance
Tuning Fork
Reads All Liquid Densities
• ECHOTEL can read any liquid density, even below 0.6 SG, to provide continuously accurate and reliable level control – and superior overfill prevention.
• Unlike tuning forks, which require you to configure a DIP switch to ensure density calibration – and may n ot
be able to measure low-density liquids – no density adjustments are required with ECHOTEL.
More Efficiency and Versatility
Dual-Point Capability
• In addition to the ECHOTEL Model 961 single-point option, the ECHOTEL Model 962 provides dual-point
capability to give you two-point measurement from the same unit.
• In contrast to tuning forks that require the purchase and installation of two units – and two separate tank
openings – you only need one switch and one tank opening to measure dual-point level with ECHOTEL.
Remote Mount Capable
Remote Mount
Up To 150 feet
• While tuning forks require top-of-tank switch modification, ECHOTEL gives you versatile access and ease of control, with remote mounting capability that can be up to 150 feet away from the transducer.
and Le
Remote Mounting
Switch Point < 6”
Extensive Selection of Transducer Mat
Advanced Self-Testing
No Density Calibration Required
More Information and Diagnostics
Level Alarm
Two Separate Relay Outputs
• ECHOTEL ultrasonic units allow you to configure two separate relay outputs for diagnostics and level alarms to give you more information – and ensure compliance with industry safety guidelines.
Advanced Diagnostics Capabilities
Red Light
Indicates Fault
• ECHOTEL also offers advanced diagnostics capabilities compared to tuning forks, with thorough testing of
electronics, transducer, piezoelectric crystals and for the presence of electromagnetic noise.
More Advanced Technology
Transducer Gap
Receive Crystal
Ultrasonic Gap Technology
• ECHOTEL uses pulsed signal technology that only transmits
pulsed sound waves across the transducer gap when liquid media
is present, so density does not matter.
t More Performance –
ess Worry – with ECHOTEL
Green Light
Indicates Normal
• When liquid is present in the transducer gap, a receive crystal senses the ultrasonic signal from the transmit
crystal and converts it to an electrical signal to indicate liquid is present.
With ECHOTEL ultrasonic level control, you’ll be assured of superior
overfill prevention across your tank inventory. It’s a simple equation
of more performance and less worry that you can count on from
Magnetrol ® – the level control experts.
ECHOTEL® Ultrasonic Level Switches Technical Specifications
Electronics Specifications
Model 961 / 962 with Relay Output
Supply Voltage Relay Outputs
Relay Ratings Fail-safe
Power Consumption
Ambient Temperature
18 to 32 VDC, or 102 to 265 VAC, 50/60 Hz
961: One DPDT level relay and one SPDT malfunction relay
962: Two SPDT level relays and one SPDT malfunction relay
DPDT: 5 amps @ 120 VAC, 250 VAC, and 30 VDC, 0.4 amp @ 110 VDC
SPDT: 5 amps @ 120 VAC, 250 VAC, and 30 VDC, 0.15 amp @ 125 VDC
Selectable for high or low level
961/962 Less than 3 watts
-40° to +160° F (-40° to +70° C)
Model 961 / 962 with Current Shift Output
Supply Voltage Current Shift Output
Loop Resistance Fail-safe Power Consumption
Ambient Temperature
11 to 35 VDC
961: 8 mA normal operation, 16 mA level alarm (±1 mA)
962: 8 mA normal operation, 12 mA lower gap alarm, 16 mA upper gap alarm (±1 mA)
961/962: 3.6 mA or 22 mA selectable fault signal (±1 mA)
104 ohms with 11 VDC input, 1100 ohms with 35 VDC input
Selectable for high or low level
961/962: Less than 1 watt
-40° to +160° F (-40° to +70° C)
Transducer Specifications
Materials Maximum Pressure
Activation Lengths
316 Stainless steel, Hastelloy C-276, Monel, Kynar (PVDF), CPVC
2000 PSI (138 bar) material dependent
1” – 130” (3 to 330 cm)
Performance Specifications
Repeatability Response Time Time Delay Variable Self-Test
Shock Class
Vibration Class Humidity Electromagnetic Compatibility ±0.078” (2 mm)
½ second typical
Adjustable between 0.5 – 45 seconds on rising and falling levels
Automatic: Continuously verifies operation of electronics, transducer, piezoelectric crystals and electrical noise
Manual: Push button verifies operation of electronics, transducer and piezoelectric crystals
ANSI/ISA-S71.03 Class SA1
ANSI/ISA-S71.03 Class VC2
0 - 99%, non-condensing
Meets CE requirements EN 61326
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