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MtronPTI 4-Pole 4133SMD Series
Crystal Front-End-Filter
I. General & Electrical Requirements:
1. Center Frequency (FON): 25MHz to 200MHz
2. Passband @ 3dB: FON 6.75kHz
3. Insertion Loss (@ peak of transmission within the 3dB passband):
For FON of 25.00MHz thru 35.99MHz: ≤ 5.0dB
For FON of 36.00MHz thru 137.99MHz: ≤ 6.0dB
For FON of 138.00MHz thru 200.00MHz: ≤ 7.0dB
4. Stopband Attenuation
20dB minimum
For FON of 25.00MHz thru 89.99MHz: FON 26.0kHz
For FON of 90.00MHz thru 200.00MHz: FON 30.0kHz
40dB minimum for FON of 25.00MHz thru 200.00MHz: FON 50.0kH
5. Input Signal: 0dBm maximum
6. Input/Output Terminating Impedance (ZIN/ZOUT): 50Ω nominal
Note 1: All electrical performance specifications are valid over the full Operating Temperature Range (-20˚C to +70˚C) unless otherwise noted.
II. Environmental, Physical & Reflow Requirements:
1. Temperature Range
Operating: -20C to +70C
Storage: -40C to +85C
2. Solderability: Per EIAJ-STD-002 See Note 2
3. Package: SMD (ref Figure 1) See Note 2
Note 2: Although the 4133SMD Series are SMD devices, they are not reflowable assembly compatible devices.
Therefore, they must be hand assembled to the PCB with a maximum land temperature of +260˚C for < 3seconds.
Figure 1 – Filter Package Outline Drawing
Note 3: The order code example for a 102.175MHz 4133SMD would be as follows: 4133SMD @ 102.175MHz.
Rev. A 04/12/13
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