Frequency Multiplier (x2 to x48)
Model BXMF1014 (100 - 125 MHz)
Fully Customizable Housing
Fast 90 nsec Switching Speed
High Output +10 dBm Drive Level
2 Programmable Outputs
Null Output Mode
x2 through x48 Multiplication
Typical Specifications
This Multiplier provides the system designer with a compact, fast-switching building block for LO multiplication
applications. An internal solid-state multiplier provides frequency multiplication by your choice of a factor of 2, 4, 8,
or up to 48, all from a single input frequency.
Input Frequency
Input Level
Output Frequency
Output Level
Switching Speed
DC Power
The multiplier is designed for airborne applications and has
field-replaceable RF connectors. The entire assembly is
designed to be slid into a channel for systems installation
without the need to solder wires or screw on connectors.
Temp Range
This design incorporates single-stage active doublers,
amplifiers, SRD multipliers, power splitters, bandpass filtering, voltage conditioning, and BIT circuits and provides
excellent phase noise performance.
100 to 125 MHz
+10 dBm
200 MHz to 6000 MHz
+10 dBm
90 nsec
-60 dBc
+28 V @ 275 mA
+15 V @ 75 mA
0oC to +75oC
All specifications above measured at 25 oC
Dimensions and Connections
12” L x 13” W x 1” H
Synthesizer Building Block
Revision 7/5/2012
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