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USER GUIDE Desktop Carbon Monoxide Monitor Model CO50 EXTECH INSTRUMENTS Introduction Thank you for selecting the Extech Instruments Model CO50, this meter measures carbon monoxide (CO), air temperature, and humidity. The CO50 can be used to check indoor air quality and carbon monoxide problem areas. This device is shipped fully tested and calibrated and, with proper use, will provide years of reliable service. Please visit our website (www.extech.com) to check for the latest version of this User Guide, Product Updates, and Customer Support. Features 
Large four‐tiered LCD Simultaneously displays CO concentration, Air Temperature, and Relative Humidity with Date and Time 
Desktop style with audible alarm 
Latest smart measurement technology 
Easy to use, intended for indoor air quality monitoring 
Bright multicolor LED representing Recording (Green), Alarm (Red), Startup (Orange) 
99 data point memory 
User adjustable CO Alarm limit (default 30 ppm) 
Max. reading utility 
Electrochemical CO sensor, measures up to 999 ppm 
Includes Universal AC adaptor (100‐240V) for US, EU, UK, and AUS plug types IMPORTANT SAFETY NOTES The CO50 Carbon Monoxide Monitor is intended for general purpose Air Quality monitoring only, and has not been certified for use pursuant to any state or city safety Carbon Monoxide Alarm or Monitoring requirements. The CO50 Carbon Monoxide Monitor has not been tested by an independent lab to comply with UL 2034 or IAS 6‐96 standard. It is the responsibility of the customer to obtain and apply current local, state, and national regulations with regard to CO alarms, monitoring and testing. 2 CO50‐en‐GB_V1.2 12/14 EXTECH INSTRUMENTS Meter Description Button Description SET Button: Set date and time Audible Alarm ON/OFF (SET+MODE) Alarm Limit Adjustment Toggle the time format (12/24 clock) SEL/RECALL Button: Move to next digit Short press to save current reading Long press to recall stored reading C/F/%RH Button with up arrow: Increase a value Press and hold to switch temperature units MODE Button with down arrow: Decrease a value Review Maximum (MAX) reading Meter Description 1.
Top LCD display for CO concentration Middle LCD display for RH and temperature Bottom LCD display Time and Date Power Adaptor jack Push‐button controls Multicolor LED indicator light 1
LED Indicator Description When meter is powered on the LED is illuminated orange 6
In normal mode with meter ON, LED is not illuminated Each time a reading is stored in memory the LED flashes green and the audible beeper sounds When the alarm is tripped the LED flashes red and the audible beeper sounds 3 CO50‐en‐GB_V1.2 12/14 EXTECH INSTRUMENTS Operation POWER THE METER Plug the AC adaptor into meter and receptacle to turn on the meter. Reset the date and time each time the meter power is cycled. Remove the adaptor or switch off the AC power source to shut down the meter. GETTING STARTED All LCD display lines will switch ON when power is applied to meter. The LED indicator will also be ON steady with an orange color. The display will now auto zero. Auto zero takes approximately 60 seconds and then the meter counts down from 9 to 0. The meter is now in the normal operating mode. When attempting to manually store the current CO reading, the LED light turns green for one second and a short beeper tone will sound. The LCDs show the current CO value in ppm (top), ambient temperature/relative humidity (middle), and the date and time (bottom). Toggle the temperature units by pressing and holding the C/F/%RH▲ button. SETTING DATE/TIME In normal operation, the meter alternates the date and time displays. Press the SET button to switch between the 12‐hour system (am/pm) and the 24‐hour system. Note that the default time display is a 24‐
hour clock format. 1.
Press and hold SET for 3 seconds to see image at right. 2.
Press ▼ to decrease a number or press ▲ to increase a number 3.
Press SEL/RECALLECALL to scroll through the YEAR‐MONTH‐DAY 4.
When finished changing the Date, press SET to change the Time 5.
Press ▼ to decrease number or press ▲ to increase number 6.
Press SEL/RECALLECALL to scroll through HR‐MIN‐SEC 7.
Press SET to access the alarm setting (see Alarm section). 8.
To exit, press and hold SET for 3 seconds. 4 CO50‐en‐GB_V1.2 12/14 EXTECH INSTRUMENTS MAXIMUM READING Press the MODE▼ button, the LCD will show the maximum reading since the meter was first powered. Press again to return to the normal measurement mode. To clear the maximum reading: Enter the Maximum mode and, when MAX Icon appears, press and hold the SET button, “Clr” appears for confirmation of clear command. CO ALARM SETTING 1.
Press and hold the SET button for 3 seconds to enter the setup mode 2.
Press SET again to skip the Date setting (set the Date if desired per earlier instructions) 3.
Press SET again to skip the Time setting (Set the Time if desired per earlier instructions) 4.
A flashing digit will appear. Use the up ▲and down ▼ arrows to increase/decrease the alarm threshold. Press SEL/RECALL to move to the next digit. There are 3 digit places with a maximum setting of 999pm (30ppm is the default). 5.
Press and hold SET for 3 seconds to save and return to the normal measurement mode. While alarm is tripped, the LED will flash red even if “beeper audio off” is selected. To silence the beeper when in an alarm condition, press SET and MODE at the same time. The red LED will continue to flash, however, until the environmental CO level no longer exceeds the default or user selected Alarm level. Remember to reactivate the beeper for future use. 5 CO50‐en‐GB_V1.2 12/14 EXTECH INSTRUMENTS AUDIBLE ALARM BEEPER (ON / OFF) By default, the beeper is set ON, and the LCD shows the bell icon on the left side of the LCD screen. To switch OFF the audible alarm temporarily: From the normal measurement mode, press the SET + MODE▼ button at the same time (the bell icon disappears). After 4 minutes the alarm will turn on again automatically. To comply with UL regulations (2013), the beeper volume is 85 dB at a distance of 3 meters (9.8 feet). The Alarm beeper will sound when the environmental CO level exceeds the Default (30ppm) or user selected level. BEEPER ON
6 CO50‐en‐GB_V1.2 12/14 EXTECH INSTRUMENTS MANUALLY STORE/RECALL 99 CO READINGS The CO50 can manually store a CO reading with a press of the SEL/RECALL button. The LCD shows the current record number (01‐99) in the humidity reading area each time a reading is manually stored (a short beep will sound each time a reading is stored also). To recall stored readings, press and hold the SEL/RECALL Button, the LCD shows the number of the record with its CO reading, to scroll other stored readings use the ▲ and ▼ buttons. To clear stored data: Access the Recall mode and press and hold the SET button until “Clr “appears on LCD. The LCD automatically returns to normal mode. The illustration below on the left shows a manually recorded reading (reading number ‘05’ in this case); the middle illustration shows the recalled reading; the illustration on the right shows readings cleared. Reading stored Reading Recalled
Reading Cleared CO CALIBRATION It is recommended that the meter be calibrated monthly in a clean air environment. From the normal measurement mode, press and hold the MODE▼ button for at least 6 seconds to enter calibration mode. The LCD shows CAL and a number representing the time remaining in the calibration (15 seconds). The meter returns to the normal measurement mode automatically when calibration is complete. Warning: Ensure that no CO concentration is present while calibrating. 7 CO50‐en‐GB_V1.2 12/14 EXTECH INSTRUMENTS Specifications Measurements CO (ppm), Temperature oF/ oC , and RH% CO measurement range 000 to 999ppm CO resolution 1ppm CO accuracy ± 5% of reading or ±10ppm CO Sensor Electrochemical type Alarm alert Red LED and audible beeper > 85dB (3m distance) Temperature range ‐10 to 60oC (14 to 140oF) Temperature resolution 0.1oC/oF Temperature Accuracy ±0.6oC (1.2oF) RH range 10 to 90% RH RH Resolution 0.1% RH RH Accuracy ±5% RH (at 25oC) otherwise ±7% Memory capacity 99 data points Power AC adaptor Dimensions 155 x 87 x 81 mm (6.1 x 3.4 x 3.2”) Weight 165g (5.8oz.) Copyright © 2014 FLIR Systems, Inc. All rights reserved including the right of reproduction in whole or in part in any form ISO‐9001 Certified www.extech.com 8 CO50‐en‐GB_V1.2 12/14