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Temperature PID Controllers
Fuzzy Logic PID, Auto Tuning, and Soft Start features combine for
uncompromising, state-of-the-art control
Extech controllers now offer Fuzzy Logic enhanced PID and a Soft-Start feature that protects heaters from cold-starts.
PID plus Fuzzy Logic tackles even the most demanding applications, eliminating over-shoot, unwanted process
fluctuations, and drift. The Soft Start feature is ideally suited for processes, such as those employed in the Thermo-Plastics
industry, where careful, exact, and slow heating of product is required.
• Dual 4-digit LED displays for process and setpoint values
• 1/16 DIN (48VFL) and 1/4 DIN (96VFL) model dimensions available
• Easy programming & navigation with user-friendly
menus and tactile keypad
• Fuzzy Logic PID offers intuitive control simulating
human control logic
• Manual mode allows the user to override automatic
control and drive the controller output higher or lower
with the touch of a button
• One-touch Auto Tuning for quick setup and stable, precise control
• Two ‘Latching’ Alarm relays standard with 8 Alarm
modes plus advanced Timer modes
• Single stage Ramp and Soak program with Ramp-to-Setpoint
Limit that can be combined with the Soft Start feature for
critical process demands
• Accepts thermocouple and RTD inputs
• Select desired temperature display units (°F or °C)
from setup menu
• Select thermocouple input type (9 selections) or RTD input
(2 selections) from the display menu without the need for
hardware modification
• Complete with mounting bracket hardware and screw
terminals for easy wiring
Control/Alarm Relay
DC Current Output
Sampling Time
LED Display
LED Status
Control Modes
Front Panel
Power Supply
Type K
-58 to 2498°F (-50 to 1370°C)
Type J
-58 to 1832°F (-50 to 1000°C)
Type B
32 to 3272°F ( 0 to 1800°C)
Type T
-454 to 752°F (-270 to 400°C)
Type E
-58 to 1382°F (-50 to 750°C)
Type R or S
32 to 3182°F ( 0 to 1750°C)
Type N
-58 to 2372°F (-50 to 1300°C)
Type C
-58 to 3272°F (-50 to 1800°C)
-328 to 1652°F (-200 to 850°C)
-328 to 1202°F (-200 to 650°C)
5 Amp @ 110V, SPST (resistive load)
4-20mA (resistive); Impedance < 600 ohms
Thermocouple: ±1.8°F (1ºC); RTD: ±0.36°F (0.2ºC)
Four (4) samples per second
Two 4-digit displays for Process Value, Setpoint,
and programming modes
Alarm and Control output status
Fuzzy Logic enhanced three-term PID with Auto Tune
• Proportional Band 0 to 300.0%
• Integral time 0 to 3600 seconds
• Derivative time 0 to 900 seconds
• Hysteresis 0.0 to 200.0 or 0.0 to 2000
• Cycle time 1 to 100 seconds
Lexan construction, Drip/Dust proof; IR rating: IEC IP63
90 to 264 VAC; 50/60 Hz (< 5VA power consumption)
Ordering Information:
48VFL11 ....1/16 DIN Temperature PID Controller with one relay output
48VFL13 ....1/16 DIN Temperature PID Controller with 4-20mA output
96VFL11 ....1/4 DIN Temperature PID Controller with two relay outputs
96VFL13 ....1/4 DIN Temperature PID Controller with 4-20mA output
Specifications subject to change without notice.
6/24/09 - R1
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