English User's Manual

Dual Input True RMS
AC Voltage/Current Datalogger
Model DL160
Congratulations on your purchase of this Dual Input Voltage / Current datalogger. With this meter,
you can monitor and log data (Voltage/Voltage, Current/Current or Voltage/Current) over long
periods of time and then easily transfer the data to a pc for viewing and evaluation. The LCD
display provides real time data, Max/Min data and time information. This meter is shipped fully
tested and calibrated and, with proper use, will provide years of reliable service.
Do not attempt to make measurement in flammable gaseous areas!
When testing a non-insulated cable, pay attention to avoid short circuits.
Do not attempt to use the instrument when your hand is wet!
Do not input over range during measurements.
Never open the battery cover during measurements.
Stop using the instrument when there is any structural defect or exposed metal parts.
Do not install substitute parts or make modifications on the meter.
Never replace the battery in moist areas.
Ensure the meter is disconnected and switch off before opening the battery cover to replace
the battery.
Do not attempt to place the instrument in high vibration areas.
Do not expose the meter to direct sunlight, high temperature and high moisture environment.
Switch off the meter after use. Remove the AAA batteries when the meter will be stored for a
period of time..
When cleaning, do not use abrasives or solvents on the meter, use a damp cloth and mild
detergent only.
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Description and Button Functions
1. LCD Description
Auto power off (does not apply when recording), the
meter will automatically shuts off after 5mins without any
button presses.
Recording status. After the record mode is set up by the
software, press the START/STOP button for more than 4
seconds to begin recording. This icon will be displayed
and indicates the meter is recording data. Press the same button again for more than 4
seconds to stop recording.
Record until full is selected. When the memory is full, the datalogger will stop recording.
Continuous recording is selected. When the memory is full, the data will overwrite the
oldest data.
Memory full and recording has stopped.
Battery status, when completely filled in (black) the battery power is full. When there is
only one section filled in, the battery is exhausted and should be replaced with a new
2. AC adaptor Jack
3. ON/OFF Button
4. MAX/MIN: Press the button one time to display the MAX (maximum)
reading . Press again to display the MIN (minimum) reading. A third
press will exit MAX/MIN mode. The meter will automatically exit
MAX/MIN mode in 10 seconds if no button is pressed.
5. CH Input Jacks: Insert the current or voltage sensor to these ports to
measure and record the data.
6. CHANNEL: Select the channel for display on the LCD
7. START/STOP: After the datalogger is setup from the software, press
the START/STOP button for 4 seconds to begin recording. Press the button again for 4 seconds
to stop recording.
Recording cannot be started again until the data is downloaded to the software!
8. USB Port
9. AC Current Clamp Jaw: Clamp the jaws around a single
conductor for AC current measurements to 200A
10. Jaw Opening Trigger
11. CH Plug
12. AC Voltage Probes or Alligator clips
13. Voltage module
14. CH Plug
DL160-en-GB_V1.4 11/14
Install 4 fresh AAA batteries or connect the AC adaptor.
Set-up the datalogger using the software provided.
Connect the voltage test leads or the current probes to the AC source to be measured.
Press and Hold the START/STOP button for four seconds to start recording. The “REC” icon
will appear in the display indication that recording has begun.
Press and Hold the START/STOP button for four seconds to stop recording. The “REC” icon
will disappear from the display.
Remove the probe, connect the datalogger to a PC and use the supplied software to download
the data.
Note: If the clock does not set to the correct time, replace the 3V button battery.
You, as the end user, are legally bound (Battery ordinance) to return all used batteries and
accumulators; disposal in the household garbage is prohibited!
You can hand over your used batteries / accumulators at collection points in your community
or wherever batteries / accumulators are sold!
Disposal: Follow the valid legal stipulations in respect of the disposal of the device at the
end of its lifecycle.
Software Introduction
Place the CD in the drive and then follow the on-screen installation instruction.
After the software is installed, keep the CD in the drive and connect the datalogger to the PC
by the USB cable.
A USB Driver installation window will pop-up. Follow the directions to install the driver.
Software Operation
The Software operation is described in the HELP file located on the software disk.
DL160-en-GB_V1.4 11/14
Multi-function LCD
Maximum data points
262,000 (Single channel) or 131,000 (Dual channel)
dual channel, TRMS AC Voltage or Current
Sample rate
1s to 24h selectable
Data output
USB port
Current Clamp Jaw opening
12.7mm (0.5”)
Open input indication
"LO" appears on the LCD
Low battery indication
Empty battery symbol appears on the LCD
Power supply
4 AAA Batteries and 1 CR 3V memory button battery (CR2032 or
Battery life
5 days (approximately)
AC Adaptor
9V, 0.5A
CC, CAT III 600V, for inside use, maximum height 2000 meters
Operating Temperature
0 to 50°C, 32 to 122°F
Operating Humidity
<70% RH
Storage temperature
-20°C to 60°C (-4°F to 140°F)
Storage Humidity
< 80% relative humidity
114 x 63 x 34mm” (4.5 x 2.5 x 1.3)
248g. (8.7oz)
Voltage (40Hz to 1kHz)
10VAC to 600.0VAC
Current (50/60Hz)
10A to 200.0A
Copyright © 2014 FLIR Systems, Inc.
All rights reserved including the right of reproduction in whole or in part in any form.
DL160-en-GB_V1.4 11/14