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Dual Moisture Meter Pin and Pinless Moisture Measurements Model MO55 Introduction Thank you for selecting the Extech MO55 Pin and Pinless Dual Moisture Meter. The compact MO55 takes quick Moisture level reference measurements (in percent %) on wood and building materials. The MO55 can be used in pinless mode (rear sensor) or in pin mode. The MO55 is simple to operate and offers measurement digits, audible tones and ‘moisture drop’ icons to indicate moisture level content. The MO55 is ideal for building restoration projects and applications where moisture detection on floors and under carpets is critical. The MO55 is a great tool for analyzing the after‐effects of water leakage behind walls and in ceilings. This meter is shipped fully tested and calibrated and, with proper use, will provide years of reliable service. Please visit our website (www.extech.com) to check for the latest version of this User Guide, Product Updates, Product Registration, and Customer Support. Features 
Displays the moisture level in wood and building materials (wall board, sheet rock, cardboard, plaster, concrete, and mortar) 
Pinless (non‐invasive) or Pin modes of operation 
Auto zero calibration for Pinless mode 
Audible tone rate beeps faster as the moisture level increases (8 tone variations) 
‘Moisture drop’ Icons display low, medium and high levels of moisture content 
Easy‐to‐use, compact design 
Display Lock freezes reading on display 
Auto Power Off after 2 minutes conserves battery power 
Complete with extra pins (4), protective cap, and 9V battery 2
MO55‐en‐GB_V1.0 02/16 Description Meter Description 1.
Protective cover and pin‐mode self‐test circuit 2.
Measurement pins 3.
LCD Display 4.
Power button 5.
Mode (M) Pin/Pinless and Material selection 6.
Display Lock/Beeper button 7.
Internal sensor (rear) 8.
Battery compartment (rear) 1
Display Description 1.
Moisture Drop icons (1 droplet for low moisture content, 2 for medium, and 3 for high) 2.
Wood mode 3.
Building Material mode 4.
Beeper active icon 5.
Moisture reading digits 6.
Percent moisture unit (relative) 7.
Display Lock mode 8.
Battery status icon 8
Button Description Button M /
Button name Description Power ON‐OFF Press and hold to switch the meter ON or OFF Select Material (Wood, Building Materials) for Mode (Material Select) Pin or Pinless mode Short press locks reading on the display Display Lock / Beeper control Long press toggles the Beeper ON/OFF 3
MO55‐en‐GB_V1.0 02/16 Operation
CAUTION: The electrode measurement pins are extremely sharp. Use care when handling this instrument. Cover the pins with the protective cap when not in use. Operating Steps 1. For pin mode, carefully remove the protective/test cap to expose the electrode pins. 2. Switch the meter ON by long press of the button. The meter emits audible tones and the display switches on when the meter powers up. If the meter does not switch on please check the battery in the rear compartment. 3. Momentary presses of the Mode (M) button step through the following four material modes: Wood ‐ Pin mode , Building Material ‐ Pin mode , Wood ‐ Pinless mode (icon blinking) , and Building Material ‐ Pinless mode (icon blinking) . 4. For pin mode, push the electrode pins into the material under test. 5. For pinless mode, with power on, hold the meter in open air (rear sensor should be clear of hands and any objects) and then select material (step 3); the meter is now zero‐calibrated. Press the sensor firmly against the surface under test to take a reading. 6. Observe the displayed reading in percent (%), view the displayed moisture droplet icon and listen for the audible tones. 1 moisture droplet for low readings; 2 for medium readings; 3 for high readings; refer to the chart on the back of the meter. Listen for the audible tone (fast beeping for higher readings and slow beeping for lower readings).There are eight (8) tone variations. 7. Long press of the power button switches the meter off. Measurement Interpretation Table PIN MODE BUILDING MATERIAL (%) WOOD (%) BUILDING MATERIAL (%) 5.0~50.0 1.5~33.0 0.0~99.9 0.0~99.9 LOW 5.0~11.9 1.5~16.9 0.0~16.9 0.0~16.9 MEDIUM 12.0~15.9 17.0~17.9 17.0~29.9 17.0~29.9 HIGH 16.0~50.0 20.0~33.0 30.0~99.9 30.0~99.9 TOTAL RANGE > PINLESS MODE WOOD (%) Auto Power OFF (APO) To conserve battery energy the meter automatically switches off after a two‐minute period of inactivity. 4
MO55‐en‐GB_V1.0 02/16 Display Lock Press the Display Lock button to freeze the displayed reading. The icon is visible on the display when Display Lock is active. Press again to return to the normal operating mode. Beeper ON/OFF The beeper defaults to ON. To switch the beeper OFF, press and hold the Display Lock/Audible Beeper button
until the icon disappears. When the beeper is active the audio display icon will be visible. Pin‐Mode Self‐Test Turn on the meter and set the meter to Pin mode Wood or Building materials and then touch the electrode pins to the contacts through the holes at the top of the Protective/Test cap. Expected result: Wood 17.0 to 19.0%; Building 15.5 to 17.5% When the meter reads outside of these ranges please replace the battery and retry. If the meter continues to read outside of these ranges, the meter should be returned for service. Pinless Mode Comparison Measurements While holding the meter against a known dry surface, turn on the meter. Press the Mode (M) button to step to the preferred setting, blinking wood or blinking building material icon. The meter will now read 0% (relative/offset reading). Now move the meter to other areas to test to find higher levels of moisture. Maintenance Battery Replacement When the battery status icon appears empty or flashing, replace the battery. 1. Remove the rear battery compartment cover by pushing the compartment latch. 2. Replace the 9V battery observing correct polarity. 3. Replace the compartment door securely. 4. Dispose of battery responsibly and within applicable legal regulations. Never dispose of used batteries or rechargeable batteries in household waste. As consumers, users are legally required to take used batteries to appropriate collection sites, the retail store where the batteries were purchased, or wherever batteries are sold. Disposal: Do not dispose of this instrument in household waste. The user is obligated to take end‐of‐
life devices to a designated collection point for the disposal of electrical and electronic equipment. Care and Cleaning 
When the instrument is not in use please keep the protective cap in place. Store the meter in a stable, dust‐free environment; out of direct sunlight. Remove the battery from the instrument if the meter is to be stored for long periods or if the battery power symbol appears empty (or flashing) on the display. To clean the meter case, wipe with a damp cloth do not use solvents or abrasives. To clean the pins, wipe carefully with a damp cloth to remove residue; allow to dry well. 5
MO55‐en‐GB_V1.0 02/16 Specifications Display LCD with multi‐function indicators Measurement type Relative Moisture Content (%) Measurement principle Electrical resistance (pins) Electrical capacitance internal sensor (pinless) Measurement depth Pinless mode: < 25mm (1 in.) Auto Calibration Pinless mode in open air Measurement indication Digital, Moisture Droplet icons (1, 2, or 3 droplets) and audible tone with 8 levels of intensity indicating low to high moisture readings Measurement ranges PIN MODE: 5.0~50.0% (wood), 1.4~33.0% (building materials); PINLESS MODE: 0.0~99.9% (for wood and building materials) Resolution 0.1% Accuracy (Pin mode) o
± (3% + 5 digits) for ambient conditions 22 C to 25 C (72 F to 77 F) Electrode pin length 0.3” (8mm) Electrode pin type Stainless steel. Integrated, replaceable Auto Power OFF After approx. two (2) minutes Power supply One (1) 9V Battery (rear compartment) Consumption < 40mA Low Battery indication Battery status icon o
appears empty or flashing o
Operating conditions 5~45 C (41~113 F); 80%RH max. Storage conditions o
0~50 C (32~122 F); 85%RH max. Dimensions Weight 170 x 65 x 30mm (6.7 x 2.6 x 1.2") 120g (4.2 oz.) without battery Copyright © 2016 FLIR Systems, Inc. All rights reserved including the right of reproduction in whole or in part in any form www.extech.com 6
MO55‐en‐GB_V1.0 02/16 
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