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DT500 Laser Distance
Meter with Bluetooth®
Monitor Readings via Bluetooth®
Laser Distance meter transmits readings to Apple
iPhones® and iPads®
View distance measurements taken by the DT500 from a remote area
on your iOS device. In addition to distance measurements, the meter’s
built-in bubble level provides easy visual guidance on determining if a
surface is level.
Download the Extech ExView™ DT500
App at itunes.apple.com
Integrated Bluetooth® connects with iOS devices
Displays Sum (+) / Difference (-) of multiple readings
to transmit readings for remote viewing
Front or rear edge reference
Works with free Apple app to display large
Historical Storage recalls the previous 20 records
(measured or calculated results)
easy-to-read values up to 30ft (10m) away
Built-in bubble level
Measures up to 229ft (70m) with a target plate
Automatically calculates Area and Volume
Low battery indicator and Auto power off
Indirect measurement using Pythagorean Theorem
Double molded housing (IP54)
Continuous measurement function with Min/Max
Tripod mount (tripod available)
distance tracking updates every 5 seconds
Complete with carrying case and 2 AA batteries
Measurement Range
2" to 229' (0.05 to 70m) with a target plate
2" to 164' (0.05 to 50m) without a target plate
Accuracy (up to 32’/10m)
±0.06" (±1.5mm)
0.0625" (0.001m)
Length Add calculation
99'11" (99.99m)
Area calculation
999.99 sq. ft. (999.99m2)
Volume calculation
999.99 cu. ft. (999.99m3)
Laser Power Off
after 30 seconds
Auto Power Off
after 3 minutes
Dimensions/ Weight
5.3x2.3x1.3" (135 x 58 x 33mm)/ 7.2oz (203g)
Built-in Bubble-Level for reference
DT500................ Laser Distance Meter with Bluetooth
TR100................ Tripod
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