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CAT IV 1000A Clamp Meter + IR Thermometer
Bluetooth® Transmitter with METERLiNK™
Wirelessly transmits Voltage and Current readings to your FLIR high-definition
infrared camera to incorporate meter readings with thermal images
• Built-in non-contact IR Thermometer design
with laser pointer
METERLiNK frees the Thermographer
from the manual process of
collecting field data
• METERLiNK Wireless communication with FLIR Thermal
Imaging Cameras (b60, i60, B-Series, and T-Series)
• CAT IV safety rating for industrial applications
• True RMS Current and Voltage measurements
• Peak hold captures inrush currents and Transients
• 1.7" (43mm) jaw opening for conductors up to
750MCM or two 500MCM
Infrared cameras quickly locate problems
with electrical equipment
• 4000 count backlit display
• Autoranging with manual range button
• Data Hold, Min/Max and Auto Power off
• Complete with CAT IV test leads, 9V battery, general
purpose Type K probe, pouch case, and Professional
Test Lead Set
CAT IV -600V safety rating for added
protection and True RMS feature gives
you accurate readings of non-sinusoidal
Collecting current measurements and
associating them with the right component
identified on an infrared image, can be a
complicated and cumbersome process
Built-in IR Thermometer with laser
pointer is an excellent troubleshooter for
locating hot spots and overheating motors.
Professional Test Leads:
• 8-Piece Professional Test Lead set
• Two 42" (1m) PVC lead extensions with shrouded banana
plugs at both ends
• Two modular 4" (102mm) Heavy Duty test probe handles
with 0.16" (4mm) banana plug tip
• Two standard size, alligator clips with insulated rubber boot
• Two extra large, double-insulated, alligator clips with sharp
teeth for piercing insulated wire. Jaws open to 0.8" (20mm)
Manual data collection results in unnecessary
complexity and risk. METERLiNK eliminates this
problem by allowing the thermographer to quickly
take a current reading on an electrical target and
associate those readings with the corresponding
targets stored in an infrared image
AC/DC Current
AC/DC Voltage
IR Temperature
Type K Temperature
Basic Accuracy
0.1 to 1000A
0.1mV to 1000V
AC: ±1.5%; DC: ±2.8%
0.1 to 40MΩ
0.001nF to 40,000μF
0.001kHz to 4kHz
-58 to 518ºF (-50 to 270ºC)
±2.0% rdg or ±4ºF/±2ºC
-4 to 1400ºF (-20 to 760ºC)
10.6x4.3x2" (270x110x50mm)/ 13.6oz (386g)
Ordering Information:
EX845 ..................1000A AC/DC True RMS Clamp/DMM+IR Thermometer
Specifications subject to change without notice.
1/19/12 - R1
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