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Vibration Meter + Laser Combination Tachometer
Multifunctional Meter
Measures Acceleration, Velocity and Displacement plus RPM and Linear Surface Speed.
• Unique large LCD with characters on display reverse direction
depending on contact, photo, or vibration mode
• Windows® 95/98/NT/2000/XP compatible software (included)
allows captured readings to be downloaded to your PC
for further analysis
• Complete with remote vibration sensor, magnetic mount, wheels
for linear surface speed or RPM (cone tip and flat tip), reflective
tape, 4 AA batteries, software with cable, and hard carrying case
Vibration Meter Features:
• Remote vibration sensor with magnetic adapter on 39"(1m) cable
• Wide frequency range of 10Hz to 1kHz
• RMS or Peak Value measurement modes
• Manual/Auto store/recall up to 1000 readings
• Data Hold freezes the reading in the display
• Auto shut-off saves battery life
Tachometer Features:
• Uses a laser for greater distance non-contact
measurements up to 4.9ft (1.5m)
• Stores last, max, and min readings
Vibration Meter
Contact Tachometer function
measures the speed of rotating
objects by placing the wheel
tip onto the surface.
Photo Tachometer function
measures the speed of rotating
objects without contacting the
surface by using a laser beam
and reflective tape
Basic accuracy
Surface Speed
Basic accuracy
656ft/s2, 200m/s2, 20.39g (peak)
7.87in/s, 200mm/s, 19.99cm/s (peak)
0.078in, 2mm (peak-to-peak)
1ft/s2, 0.1m/s2, 0.01g; 0.01in/s, 0.1mm/s, 0.01cm/s;
0.001in, 0.001mm
±(5%+2 digits)
10 to 99,999rpm
0.5 to 19,999rpmΩ
0.2 to 6,560ft/min (0.05 to 1,999.9m/min)
±(0.05%+1 digit)
7.4 x 3 x 1.8" (188 x 75.5 x 46.8mm)
1.12lbs (507g)
Ordering Information:
461880....................Vibration Tachometer
461880-NIST ..........461880 with NIST Certificate
Specifications subject to change without notice.
11/22/10 - R1
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