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USER GUIDE Heavy Duty Differential Pressure Manometer Model HD755 Introduction Congratulations on your purchase of the Extech Manometer Model HD755. This device measures gauge and differential pressure in the range of ±0.500 psi. The HD755 offers eleven (11) units of measure (user selectable by front panel pushbutton) and has a differential input that uses convenient quick‐disconnect fittings. Advanced features include DATA HOLD, MIN‐MAX‐AVG RECORD mode, ZERO/OFFSET, AUTO POWER OFF, and USB PC interface. This meter is shipped fully tested and calibrated and, with proper use, will provide years of reliable service. Please visit our website (www.extech.com) to check for the latest version of this User Guide, Product Updates, and Customer Support. Meter Description 1.
P1 input 2.
AC adaptor jack 3.
P2 Input 4.
LCD Display – Indicates the measurement data, unit of measure, elapsed timer, and function symbols as described in this manual 5.
USB PC interface jack (3.5mm) – For use with data acquisition software 6.
UNIT button – Press to select the unit of measure 7.
DIF button– Press to display differential pressure. Also used to OFFSET the displayed readings. 8.
RECORD button– Press to access the MIN/MAX/AVG recording mode 9.
HOLD / ZERO button– Press to freeze the displayed reading. Also used to zero the display (press and hold until display shows all zeroes). 10. BACKLIGHT button – Press to switch the display backlight ON. The backlight will automatically turn OFF after 40 seconds. 11. POWER button – Press to turn the meter ON or OFF 12. Battery compartment (on rear) 2
HD755-EU-EN V1.7 7/13
Display 1.
USB data output active 2.
Differential Pressure Mode 3.
Data Hold Mode 4.
Primary display 5.
Record Mode 6.
MAX/MIN/AVG indicators 7.
Low Battery Indicator 8.
Pressure unit of measure 9.
Elapsed Timer 3
HD755-EU-EN V1.7 7/13
Basic Operation Meter Power The HD755 uses a 9V battery for power. If the meter does not switch on when the POWER button is pressed or if the display shows BAT, replace the battery. When the POWER buttons is pressed, the meter performs a short self‐test and reverts to the settings in place when the meter was last turned off. Automatic Power‐off Feature In order to conserve battery life, the meter has an automatic power off feature (after 20 minutes). To defeat this feature, press and hold the HOLD button while turning the meter on. Release the HOLD button when ‘n’ appears on the display. The meter will now remain on until the user turns it off or until the battery weakens. Note that the Auto Power OFF feature will be reactivated the next time the meter is turned off and then on. Unit of Measure Press the UNIT button to select the unit of measure. This meter offers eleven (11) units of measure as listed below. Unit of Measure Display icon Pounds per square inch psi Inches of Mercury inHg Milli‐bar mbar Millimeters of Mercury mmHg Kilo‐Pascals kPa Kilograms per centimeter squared Kgcm2 Inches of water inH2O Feet of water ftH2O Centimeters of water cmH2O Bars Bar Ounces per square inch ozin2 Fittings Connection Connect tubing to the P1, P2 (or both) input port(s). If both inputs are used (differential mode), the meter displays a positive pressure reading if the P1 pressure is greater than P2 and a negative reading if P2 is greater than P1. 4
HD755-EU-EN V1.7 7/13
Zero Adjust and Offset function The unit must be kept in the upright position when ZEROING or when taking measurements. To ZERO the meter: Before use and without fittings attached to the meter, press and hold the HOLD button for 3 seconds or until the display shows all zeroes. To OFFSET meter readings: Press the DIF button while taking a measurement. Subsequent readings will represent the difference between the current measurement and the measurement that was on the display when the DIF button was pressed. . Press the DIF button again to exit the OFFSET function. MIN‐MAX‐AVG Record Mode with Elapsed Timer The RECORD function tracks the maximum (MAX), minimum (MIN), and average (AVG) readings with a time stamp. The elapsed timer is displayed on the lower right‐hand corner of the LCD and informs the user of the time a MAX or MIN reading was recorded. 1.
Press the RECORD button once. The REC indicator will appear on the display and the displayed elapsed timer will start (HH:MM:SS format [hours:minutes:seconds]). 2.
Press the RECORD button again to view the highest (MAX) reading recorded since the RECORD button was first pressed. The MAX indicator and maximum reading will appear on the display. The elapsed timer will show the time of the MAX event. 3.
Press the RECORD button again, the MIN indicator and the minimum value will appear on the display. The elapsed timer will show the time of the MIN event. 4.
Press the RECORD button again, the AVG indicator and the average value will appear on the display. The elapsed timer will continue to run. 5.
To return to normal operation, press and hold the RECORD button until the display indicators REC, MAX, etc. switch off. Note that in the RECORD mode, the backlight and the power buttons are the only available functions. USB PC Interface The meter has a built‐in USB port for use with the Manometer Data Acquisition software. The software allows the user to view, save, export, and print readings from the HD755. Refer to the documentation included with the software for complete details. Displayed Error Codes The following codes are displayed when the meter encounters an error. ERR 1: Pressure input exceeds specified limits ERR 2: Pressure input is too low to read ERR 3: The Differential Pressure input exceeds specified limits ERR 4: The Differential Pressure input is too low to read 5
HD755-EU-EN V1.7 7/13
Specifications General Specifications Display Units of Measure Accuracy Repeatability Linearity/Hysteresis Combined Accuracy Maximum Pressure Response time Input circuit Input Ports Data Hold Sensor Zero / Offset function Sample rate Compatibility Auto Power OFF PC Interface Storage conditions Operating conditions Battery power Battery life Dimensions Weight Four digit LCD with function indicators BAR, mBAR, psi, kg/cm2, mm Hg, inches Hg, kPa, feet H2O, inches 2 H2O, cm H2O, and oz in
±0.3%FS + 1d (@ 25°C) ±0.2% to 0.5% FS ±0.3%FS ±1.1%FS 2psi 0.5s typical Differential inputs (P1 and P2) Two metal 4.8mm, barbed for 1/8" (3.17mm) ID tubing Freezes displayed reading Built‐in piezoelectric sensors Pushbutton activation 0.5 sec. (approx.) Air or non‐corrosive and non‐ionized gas (not intended for use with liquids) Meter turns off after approx. 20 minutes to conserve energy (can be deactivated) Built‐in USB serial interface 0 to 60oC (14 to 140oF); < 80% RH 0 to 50oC (32 to 122oF); < 80% RH 9V alkaline battery (BAT low battery indicator) 125 hours typical 210 x 75 x 50mm (8.2 x 2.9 x 1.9”) 280g (9.8oz) 6
HD755-EU-EN V1.7 7/13
Range Specifications Range/Units (Max.) ± 0.034 bar ± 34.47 mbar ± 0.500 psi ± 0.035 Kg/cm2 ± 25.86 mm Hg ± 1.018 inches Hg ± 3.447 kPa ± 1.154 feet H2O ± 13.85 inches H2O ± 35.15 cm H2O ± 8.00 oz in2 Resolution 0.001 0.01 0.001 0.001 0.01 0.001 0.001 0.001 0.01 0.01 0.01 Warning: Pressure inputs of 10 psi or higher will damage the instrument. Do not
apply pressure higher than the maximum pressure listed in the specification table
Battery Replacement When the low battery indicator BAT appears on the display or if the meter does not switch on when the POWER button is pressed, it is necessary to replace the battery. To replace the battery: 1.
Open the battery compartment by sliding the meter’s rear panel in the direction of the embossed arrow. 2.
Replace the 9V alkaline battery 3.
Replace the battery compartment cover. All EU users are legally bound by the Battery Ordinance to return all used batteries to community collection points or wherever batteries / accumulators are sold. Disposal in household trash or refuse is prohibited. Disposal: Follow the valid legal stipulations in respect of the disposal of the device at the end of its lifecycle Other Battery Safety Reminders 
Never dispose of batteries in a fire. Batteries may explode or leak. 
Never mix battery types. Always install new batteries of the same type. 7
HD755-EU-EN V1.7 7/13
Conversions Useful conversion Factors From To Multiplier in of H2O in of Hg 0.07355 in of H2O cm of H2O 2.54 mm of Hg in of H2O 0.03937 Copyright © 2013 FLIR Systems, Inc. All rights reserved including the right of reproduction in whole or in part in any form ISO‐9001 Certified www.extech.com 8
HD755-EU-EN V1.7 7/13