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IRT500 Dual Laser IR
Thermal Scanner
More than just an IR Thermometer,
Extech IR Thermal Scanner is
designed with a dual laser, audible/
visual alarm feature, 5 preset
threshold settings, and 3 color
LED indicators to make it easy to
locate hot and cold spots quickly by
scanning the area being tested. Just
point at your target and scan!
Three-color LED indicates High (red), Normal (green), or
Fast-response, 150 millisecond sampling rate
Low (blue) when scanning for temperature irregularities
Tilt adjustable LCD display with bright white
backlit feature and dual bargraphs
Audible alarm increases as temperature increases
or decreases
Min/Max and easy keypad operation
5 user-programmable threshold settings
Trigger lock for continuous use
A dual laser system indicates ideal measuring
Complete with 9V battery and carrying case
distance by converging at 20" (50.8cm) to confirm
a 1" (2.5cm) target spot
Laser Convergence Distance
20" (50.8cm)
-58 to 500°F (-50 to 260°C)
Max Resolution
Basic Accuracy
±(1% of rdg + 3.3°F/1.5°C)
Fixed at 0.95
Threshold for color transition
1°, 5°, 10°, set Min, set Max
Field of View (Distance to Target)
6.6x3.2x2.3" (168x82x58mm)
5.7oz (163g)
Three-color LED Indicators
Detect a temperature outside the range you define and a bright LED indicator
changes from green to blue for values below normal and red for above-normal
values. Designate a normal temperature and select from preset ranges of ±1°,
5°, or 10°F/°C. Or, select custom minimum/maximum values to define your
normal range. Any readings above and below trigger the LED color alert.
IRT500............... IR Thermal Scanner
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