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RPM40 Laser Photo/Contact
Pocket Tachometer
Convenient pocket-sized combination tachometer,
quickly measures RPM and Linear Surface Speed.
Use the contact wheel for up-close readings or
laser mode for safer, non-contact measurements up
to 4.9ft (1.5m) away. Characters on display reverse
direction depending on measurement mode used.
RPM measurement
Laser Photo
RPM measurement
• Contact RPM - flywheels,
conveyors, pumps, and
• Non-Contact
RPM - motors,
fans, and gears
Large 5-digit LCD where characters on display reverse
measurements up to 4.9ft (1.5m)
direction depending on measurement mode you are in
Laser guided for greater distance non-contact
Microprocessor based with quartz crystal oscillator to
Memory stores Max/Min/Last readings
maintain high accuracy
Complete with cone tip and wheel for rpm or
Provides wide RPM (photo and contact) and Linear
linear surface speed, four 1.5V AAA batteries, and
Surface Speed/Length (contact) measurements
reflective tape
Photo mode
Contact mode
Range (rpm)
5 to 99,999 rpm
0.5 to 19,999 rpm
Surface Speed
2.0 to 78,740 inches/min
0.2 to 6560 ft/min
0.05 to 1999.9 m/min
±(0.1% rdg +1 digit)
±(0.1% rdg +1 digit)
Sampling Time
1 sec (> 60 rpm)
1sec (> 6 rpm)
0.1rpm (< 1000 rpm); 1rpm (> 1000 rpm)
Dimensions / Weight
6.2 x 2.0 x 1.3" (160 x 50 x 33 mm) / 6.4oz (182g)
RPM40............... Laser Photo/Contact Pocket Tachometer
461937.............. Reflective Tape
UPC Code: 793950469408
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