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DV23 CAT IV Non-Contact
AC Voltage Detector
Rugged CAT IV rated non-contact Voltage (NCV) Detector
displays a red LED with audible beeper when it indicates
the presence of live wires. The non-contact detection
feature allows user to be at a safe distance from area
being tested when presence of live voltage is unknown.
Ideal for troubleshooting electrical wiring, appliances,
automotive repair and electronic devices.
Non-Contact AC Voltage detection of AC Voltage from
50 to 600V, 50/60Hz
Safely determine if wires are hot
Audible and visual red LED light indicator
Convenient built-in pocket clip
Tip fits into AC outlets or against wire insulation testing
CAT IV-600V category safety rating
Dimensions: 6.25x1" (159x25mm);
Weight: 1.5oz (42g)
Complete with two AAA batteries
DV23.................. AC Voltage Detector
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Rev. 3/30/16
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