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GRT350 4-Wire Earth Ground
Resistance/Resistivity Tester
To ensure good ground system installation, use
Extech’s GRT350 Tester to check the resistance
of the ground as well as the soil resistivity
before you install your ground rods. This tester
includes all hardware necessary to measure
Earth Ground Resistance in 3 ranges, from 20
to 2000Ω, and Resistivity from 0.06 to 628kΩm.
Electricians and technicians should also check
their ground system periodically for predictive
maintenance ensuring the resistance level
doesn’t exceed the allowed safety level.
Earth resistivity (r) test
AC Earth Voltage
4-wire, 3-wire, and 2-wire testing
Data Hold and Auto Power Off
Large dual line LCD
Overrange and low battery indication
Store/recall up to 200 test results
Automatic I (current) spike check
Complete with built-in hard carrying case, test leads
Automatic P (potential) spike check
with alligator clips, 4 auxiliary earth bars, and eight
Test Hold function for easy operation
1.5V AA batteries
Earth Ground Resistance
0.01Ω/ 0.1Ω/1Ω
Test Current / Frequency
approx. 2mA/820Hz
Earth Resistivity (r)
0.06 to 6.28 kΩm, 0.62 to 62.8 kΩm, 6.28 to 628 kΩm
AC Earth Voltage
0 to 300VAC
9.8 x 7.8 x 4.3" (250 x 190 x 110mm)
3.15lbs (1.43kg) - batteries included
GRT350* N.................4-Wire Earth Ground Resistance/Resistivity Tester
382153.........................Replacement Earth Bars (2pk)
382154.........................Replacement Set of Leads
N Indicates products that are available with optional calibration traceable to NIST. Order with -NISTL after part number.
*Limited NIST for Certificate of Traceability to 4-wire mode only
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Rev. 4/13/15
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