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Personal Sound Level Meter
Model SL10
Congratulations on your purchase of the Extech SL10 Personal Sound Level
Meter. The SL10 measures and displays sound pressure levels in dB from 40
to 130dB with ‘A’ weighting frequency response (dBA). The LCD is backlit for
viewing readings in dimly lit areas and includes a MAX-MIN feature. Careful
use of this meter will provide years of reliable service.
Read the following safety information carefully before attempting to
operate or service the meter. Use the meter only as specified in this
manual; otherwise, the protection provided by the meter may be impaired.
Environmental Conditions
 Altitude up to 2000 meters
 Relative Humidity: 90% max.
 Operating Temperature: 32 to 104oF (0 to 40oC)
Maintenance and Cleaning
 Repair or servicing not covered in this manual should only be performed by
qualified personnel.
 Periodically wipe the case with a dry cloth. Do not use abrasives or
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Meter Description
Microphone sensor
Microphone chassis
Removable windscreen
Power switch
MAX-MIN button
LCD Backlight sensor
LCD Display
Battery compartment and tripod mount
located on rear of instrument
Measurement Considerations
Wind blowing across the microphone increases the noise measurement. Use the supplied
windscreen to cover the microphone when applicable.
Calibrate the instrument before each use if possible. Especially if the meter has not been used
for a long period of time.
Do not store or operate the instrument in areas of high temperature or humidity.
Keep meter and microphone dry.
Avoid severe vibration.
Remove the battery when the meter is to be stored for long periods of time.
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1. Power the meter by pressing the
power button. The meter will begin displaying sound level
readings. If the LCD does not switch on, check the 9V battery located in the rear battery
2. Hold the meter facing the microphone toward the source of the sound to be measured. For tripod
use, the meter includes a tripod mount on the rear side of its housing.
3. View the measurement on the meter’s LCD. An indication of OVER means that the measurement
exceeds 130dB.
4. The meter automatically switches off after 15 minutes of inactivity to conserve battery energy.
Press the power button to switch the instrument on again.
‘A’ Frequency Weighting
With ‘A’ weighting, the frequency response of the meter is similar to the response of the human ear.
‘A’ weighting is commonly used for environmental or hearing conservation programs such as OSHA
regulatory testing and noise ordinance law enforcement.
Fast Response Time
The meter has a fast response time of 125 milliseconds (ms) in order to capture noise peaks and
noises that occur very quickly.
Over Range Alarm (OVER)
If the measurement exceeds 130 dB, the display indicates OVER. To avoid damage to the meter,
do not continue to use the meter in an environment where the sound measured exceeds 130dB.
In this mode, the meter only updates the LCD reading when a higher reading (MAX mode) or lower
reading (MIN mode) is detected. Select MAX HOLD by momentarily pressing the MAX-MIN button.
The meter displays the MAX icon when in the MAX HOLD mode. Press the MAX-MIN button again
to enter the MIN mode (the MIN icon will display). Press and hold the MAX-MIN button to exit this
mode (the MAX-MIN indicators will switch off).
Backlit LCD Display
The LCD is equipped with backlighting for easier viewing, especially in dimly lit areas. The backlight
automatically switches on and off based on ambient light conditions. The backlight sensor located
just above the LCD display and just below the power button senses ambient light conditions.
Battery Replacement
When the low battery icon BAT appears on the LCD replace the 9V battery as soon as possible.
The battery compartment cover is located on the rear of the meter. Slide the battery compartment
cover off, change the battery, and replace the compartment cover.
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4-digit (4000 count) backlit LCD
Display update rate
0.5 seconds
0.5” Electret condenser
31.5Hz to 8KHz
Measurement Range
40 to 130dB
Frequency weighting
‘A’ (dBA)
Accuracy / Resolution
± 3.5dB (under 94dB reference conditions) /
Response time
125 milliseconds
9V Battery
Battery life
50 hours (typical); low battery indicator alerts
Automatic power off
After approx. 15 minutes of inactivity
32 to 104oF (0 to 40oC)
Operating humidity
10 to 90% RH
Storage temperature
14 to 140oF (-10 to 60oC)
Storage humidity
10 to 75% RH
8.3 x 2.2 x 1.3” (210 x 55 x 32mm) / 4.8oz
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SL10-en-GB_V1.2 4/15