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Data Record for Used Industrial Steam Turbines / Turbosets
Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM):
BBC/ 2009 modified through Siemens
Machine No.:
Year of manufacture: 1982/ 2009
Turbine model: DGXE 3510
Design output (MW)
[at best turbine efficiency]: 5 MW
Maximum output (MW): 5 MW
Steam consumption at design output (kg/kWh): 120 t/h
Steam consumption at max. output (kg/kWh):
120 t/h
Max. main steam temperature (°C)1): 523 °C
Main steam temperature (°C)1): 535 °C
Main steam pressure (bar g)1): 145 bar
Main steam flow (t/h)1): 120 t/h
Exhaust steam temperature (°C)1): 440 °C
Exhaust steam flow (t/h)1): 120 t/h
Exhaust steam pressure (bar): 75 bar
Extraction pressure (bar g)2): -
Extraction flow (t/h)2): -
Speed (rpm): 11,994
Allowable frequency range (Hz): 50 Hz
Direction of rotation: right
Exhaust steam nozzle (downward, upward, right, left or axial): downward
Non-drive end of turbine (HP/LP end): HP end
Package (yes/no), if yes, please state configuration (turbine, gear unit, generator, compressor): No
In case of package, is integral lube oil system provided? (yes/no): No
or extract from Operating Manual
Load points
Main steam parameters
See attachments
Main steam flow (t/h)
Extraction pressure (bar)
Extraction flow (t/h)
Exh. steam pressure (bar)
Exh. steam temp. (°C)1)
Terminal output (kW)
Turbine condition Ok
Last minor overhaul:
Operating hours: 185,690 before
and add. 7,858 after modification
Last major overhaul: 2009
Date of turbine shutdown and preservation details: yes, preserved by dry-air
Expected to be available as from: as of now
1) in accordance with turbine design
2) where applicable
Siemens AG
Energy Sector; Management: Michael Süss
Energy Service Division; Management: Randy Zwirn
Oil & Gas and Industrial Applications Services; Management: Willibald Meixner
Frankenstr. 70-80
90461 Nuremberg
Phone: +49 (911) 4130 0
Fax: +49 (911) 4130 440
Siemens Aktiengesellschaft: Chairman of the Supervisory Board: Gerhard Cromme; Managing Board: Peter Löscher, Chairman, President and Chief Executive
Officer; Roland Busch, Brigitte Ederer, Klaus Helmrich, Joe Kaeser, Barbara Kux, Hermann Requardt, Siegfried Russwurm, Peter Y. Solmssen, Michael Süss
Registered offices: Berlin and Munich, Germany; Commercial registries: Berlin Charlottenburg, HRB 12300; Munich, HRB 6684
WEEE Reg. No. DE 23691322
SCF 04/2011 V08.12
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Are spare parts available? If yes, which ones?
Current transformer
6 valve spindles
Turbine control and protection system:
Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM): ABB
Hydraulic or electronic:
Overspeed protection system (hydraulic [bolt]/electronic): electronic
Axial shaft position monitoring system (hydraulic [nozzle]/electronic): electronic
Vibration monitoring system (yes/no): Yes
Actuators for control and stop valve(s) (HP/LP hydraulic system): HP
Magnet wheel installed on turbine shaft (yes/no, if yes, please state number of teeth): Yes
Electrohydraulic converter installed (yes/no): Yes
Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM):
Condenser model:
Condensing capacity (t/h):
Condenser pressure (bar):
Cooling water flow (m /h):
Cooling water velocity (m/s):
Cooling water inlet temperature (°C):
Thermal capacity (MW):
Supply lines:
Complete operating documentation available (yes/no):
Complete machine file available (yes/no):
Is the driven machine also available for purchase (yes/no):
SCF 04/2011 V08.12
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Driven generator
Machine No.:
Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM): CEMIBBC
Rating (MVA): 6.3
Generator type (cooling system): Water
Generator model: MSBHD 710L/4
Voltage (kV): 6,300
Frequency (Hz): 50
Current (A): 577
Power factor (cos phi): 0.8
Speed (rpm): 1,500
Insulation class: F
Type of enclosure: IP44
Cooling water inlet temperature (°C):
Cooling water flow (m3/h):
Compound excitation (… V - … A):
Generator condition Ok
Last minor overhaul:
Last major overhaul: 2009
Operating hours: 193,548
Date of turbine shutdown and preservation details: 02.2012 dry-air
Expected to be available as from: as of now
Gear unit:
Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM): Voith
Gear unit model: AD63h
Rating (HP): 5,500 KW
Speed (rpm): 19,444/ 1,500
Complete scope of supply available for purchase:
Gear unit
Lube oil module
Turbine controls
Controls oil system
Size (footprint) / dimensions:
Please provide photographs of the turboset / turbine separately in electronic form.
SCF 04/2011 V08.12
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