Cigarette Lighter Power Supply
with Sound Control Driver for EL Wire
The 69−ELDP−2 sound control driver uses a cigarette lighter type adapter (12VDC) to drive up to a
5 meter (16.4 feet) length of EL Wire.
D On / Sound Control / Off Modes
Specifications: (@ +15C, 12VDC)
D DC Input: 12VDC
D Output Power: 1.2W
D Frequency: 2000 − 2350Hz
D Output (RMS): 180VAC
D Optimal Load Length: 5 meters (16.4 feet)
D Operating Temperature: +14 to +122F (−10 to +50C)
D Storage Temperature: −22 to +140F (−30 to +60C)
D Size: 2.953” (75mm) x .748” (19mm) x .707” (18mm)
D Weight: 2.12oz. (0.06kg)