Knob Operated LED Dimmer
for Single Color LED Strips
The 69−DIM2 knob operated dimmer is a controller that can adjust the brightness of single color LED
strips infinitely. This device is operated by turning the knob to adjust the appropriate lighting brightness
to suit your actual need.
Technical Parameters:
D Working Temperature: −4 to +140F (−20 to +60C)
D Supply Voltage: 12VDC
D Output: 1 Channel
D Rated Load Current: less than 8A
D Static Power Consumption: less than 1W
D Output Power: 5V (less than 40W), 12V (less than 96W), 24V (less than192W)
D Net Weight: 3oz. (85g)
D Gross Weight: 3.9oz. (110g)
Interface Specifications:
Power Input Interface
Adopt male and female connector with screw.
Load Output Interface
Adopt male and female connector with screw.
1. Connect the load wire first, followed by the power wire. Before powering up the device, be sure that the
connections cannot cause a short circuit condition.
2. Adopt the rotary button as follows:
Rotate the knob clockwise to turn on and increase the brightness.
Rotate the knob counter−clockwise to make dimmer. Extreme right rotation turns off the device.
Typical Applications:
Power Output
− +
+ −
Power Supply
DC 12V
Dimensional Drawing:
2.323 (59.0)
.157 (4.0) Dia
(4 Places)