Product Fact Sheet
LED Lenser: Dual Color - Red and White
Model Number: TT7736DCP
Descrip�on: With separate switches for five white LEDs or one red LED, the 7736D has you covered
as a regular flashlight or as a low light red LED. The red LED will not affect night vision, so when you
turn it off you will s�ll be able to see in the dark.
Body Length: 3.7 in
Head Diameter: 1.0 in
Body Diameter: 1.0 in
Weight: 3.4 oz
Case material: Aluminum body
Lens Type: Cloverleaf six reflector system
Focus System: None
Light Source: LED
Beam Color: White and Red
On / Off Switch: Dual Switch System
Max Lumens Output: 100.0 lumens
Effec�ve Range: 190 feet
Max Wa�age Usage: 2.28 wa�s
Ba�ery Type and Quan�ty: 3 x AAA
Working Ba�ery Life: 74 hours
Warranty: Life�me
Features: 3 red LED and 3 white LED, Thermal management,
Above measurements
are in mm.
Gold plated contacts
Included Accessories: Sheath and lanyard
Op�onal Accessories: Sheaths: TT2002CP or TT2009CP
Master Distributed by NTE Electronics, Inc.