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Part No.
1/4" female NPT x female Quick-test XT, stainless steel
Connect Male NPT pressure gauge or other
Male NPT device to a Ralston hand pump or
nitrogen calibration device to create one side of
a quick-disconnect to 10,000 psi
• Install with thread tape once onto any male NPT pressure
gauge then use the Quick-test connection to quickly connect
or disconnect from any Ralston hand pump, nitrogen
calibration device or other Quick-test adapter
• Saves the threads on a pressure gauge by not needing to
make and remake the connection with thread sealant
• Note that these are not compatible with QT or QS hoses.
Please use Quick-test XT hoses
• Made in USA
Pressure Range
0 to 10000 psi (0 to 689 bar)
End C1
1/4" Female NPT
End C2
Female Quick-test XT
Has Check Valve
Temperature range
0 to 225 °F (-18 to 107 °C)
Stainless Steel
Dimensions A
1.52 in (3.86 cm)
Dimensions B
0.75 in (1.91 cm)
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