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Thermocouple Input Application Boards for DMS-30PC/LCD Meters
LDisplays –50 to +200°C range
Interfaces with type J or K type thermocouples
Typical accuracies as low as ±1.5°C
Use with:
Description: The DMS-EB-TCJ and DMS-EB-TCK Application Boards interface type J or K thermocouples to Murata Power Solutions' low-power, ±2V input, DMS-30PC-1-RL or DMS-30LCD-1-5 digital
voltmeters. These low-cost add-on boards provide a quick easy method of displaying temperature (in
degrees Celsius only) within a –50 to +200°C range.
Installation: A screw-type terminal block (TB1) accepts direct thermocouple inputs and provides
quick connection for the +5V power supply. All necessary I/O connections for the meter — including activation of the correct decimal point — are built-in. Simply
solder the board to the meter, connect the appropriate
thermocouple, and the installation is complete. Using
low-power meters, with either LCD or LED displays, will
maintain uniform temperatures across the board and
keep temperature-gradient induced errors to a minimum.
Accuracy: As the accuracy specifications indicate,
the DMS-EB-TCJ and TCK boards are for generalpurpose temperature monitoring over the range of –50 to +200°C. However, fairly high accuracy can be
obtained with K thermocouples from 0 to +200°C. For higher accuracy temperature readings, see the
Figure 1. DMS-EB-TCJ/TCK Schematic Diagram
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Thermocouple Input Application Boards for DMS-30PC/LCD Meters
Performance/Functional Specifications
Ordering Information
(TA = +25°C, VCC = +5V)
Type J and K thermocouples
Temperature Measurement Range –50 to +200°C
Accuracy: DMS-EB-TCJ
–50 to 0°C
±6°C typ., ±10°C max.
0 to +200°C
±4°C typ., ±8°C max.
Type J thermocouple input board
Type K thermocouple input board
Bezel assembly
Bezel assembly with sealing gasket
Accuracy: DMS-EB-TCK
–50 to 0°C
±6°C typ., ±10°C max.
0 to +200°C
±1.5°C typ., ±3°C max.
Primary Operating Power
+5V (±5%)
Input Current (Board only)
+0.6mA typ., +1mA max.
Operating Temperature Range
0 to +60°C
Storage Temperature Range
–20 to +75°C
0 to 95%, non-condensing
2.02" (51.31mm)L x 0.83" (21.08mm)W
Murata Power Solutions, Inc.
11 Cabot Boulevard, Mansfield, MA 02048-1151 U.S.A.
ISO 9001 and 14001 REGISTERED
This product is subject to the following operating requirements
and the Life and Safety Critical Application Sales Policy:
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