Revision # 2.20
Remote Type 8-bit MCU
Modifications made on September 5, 2008
In the Features and other related sections, the 20-pin SOP package was removed.
Revision # 2.10
Modifications made on October 12, 2007
The Technical Document section was modified.
In the Reset Section the Reset Circuit diagram was modified.
The Application Circuits section was modified.
The Instruction Set section was modified.
The Instruction Definition section was modified.
Revision # 2.00
Modifications made on March 9, 2007
In the D.C. Characteristics table, the Max. value for VIL1 and Min. value for VIH1
were modified.
Revision # 1.90
Modifications made on November 8, 2006
In the Absolute Maximum Ratings section, the IOL, IOH Total and Total Power
Dissipation values were added.
In the DC Characteristics table the Test Conditions for the Low Voltage Reset Voltage
were modified.
In the AC Characteristics table the Low Voltage Width to Reset values were modified.
Revision # 1.80
The Indirect Addressing Register section was modified.
Revision # 1.70
Modifications made on July 8, 2005
In the Application Circuits section, the entries for PC0/REM was modified.
Revision # 1.60
Modifications made on December 21, 2005
Modifications made on June 9, 2005
A Technical Document section was added.
Revision # 1.50
Modifications made on July 23, 2004
In the D.C. Characteristics table, the Min. value for V LVR was deleted.
In the Chip Reset Status table, a column for the WDT Time-out (HALT) was added.
In the diagram on the Low Voltage Reset - LVR section, the lower value for the
VDD was modified from 1.8V to 1.9V.
In the Code Option table, the Time-out period equation was modified.
In the table below the Application Circuits section, the entries of the column for
Crystal or Resonator were modified.
Revision # 1.40
Modifications made on June 3, 2004
In the Application Circuits section, the table for Crystal or Resonator values, was
Revision # 1.30
Modifications made on May 4, 2004
In the D.C. Characteristics table, the Min. value for the RPH was changed from
40k to 20k and the Max. value from 80k to 100k.
Revision # 1.20
Modifications made on April 28, 2004
The Product Title was modified from 8-Bit Remote Type OTP MCU to Remote Type
8-Bit OTP MCU.
In the register table, the entries for the PB register were modified.
In the Input/Output ports section, a Note was added after the paragraphs.
Revision # 1.10
Modifications made on April 8, 2004
In the A.C. Characteristics table, the tLVR Parameter was modified from Low Voltage
Reset Delay Time to Low Voltage Width to Reset. All the entries of this row were all
modified as well.
In the Crystal Oscillator diagram, the resistor connected across OSC1 and OSC2 was
Revision # 1.00
This was posted on March 19, 2004