Cost Effective I/O Type 8-bit MCU
Revision # 1.51
Modifications made on December 30, 2008
The Package Information section was modified.
The Product Tape and Reel Specifications section was modified.
Revision # 1.50
Modifications made on August 22, 2007
A Technical Document section HA0075E was added.
In the Features and other related sections the 16NSOP new package type was added.
In the Absolute Maximum Ratings section, the IOL and IOH Total values were added.
Revision # 1.40
Modifications made on June 27, 2006
HT48R08A-1 all related sections was added to HT48R05A-1/HT48C05/
HT48R06A-1/HT48C06 data sheet.
Revision # 1.30
The Pad Assignment section was deleted.
Revision # 1.20
Modifications made on November 4, 2005
Modifications made on September 21, 2004
At the D.C. Characteristics table, the IDD3 Parameter, as well as Typ. and Max. Conditions
were modified.
Revision # 1.10
Modifications made on June 9, 2004
At the table below the Application Circuits section, the entries of the column for Crystal or
Resonator were modified. A brief functional description for R1 was added at the bottom
portion of the table.
Revision # 1.00
This was posted on April 24, 2004
HT48R05A-1/HT48C05 and HT48R06A-1/HT48C06 datasheets were combined. Revision
number restarted from 1.00.