Product Specifications
The Thermo Scientific LFM-3 portal
radiation detection system is an easy to
set-up and use, multi-purpose gamma
and X-ray detection system.
Thermo Scientific LFM-3 Radiation Detection System
Key Features
• Robust, ruggedized detectors suitable for indoor or
outdoor applications
• Supplied with 200’ (60m) of cable for each detector,
with a maxiumum capability up to 3,300’ (1000m)
• High-performance system control unit with single
button operation
• Automated, natural background compensation
system ready to operate within minutes of
• Low, medium and high energy channels provide
additional information about the type of radiation
• Large, clear display screen and LEDs provide for
easy interpretation of data
• Solid Waste Facilities
• Transfer Stations
• Waste to Energy Plants
• Recycling facilities
• Hospitals – Nuclear Medicine and Housekeeping
• Healthcare and Research
The Thermo Scientific LFM Series Radiation
Monitoring System product family has long
been considered to be the benchmark for
radiation monitoring in the hospital and solid
waste industry, with hundreds of installed
units. The LFM-3 builds on the proven,
familiar detector design of previous LFM
models and combines this with new, state-ofthe-art electronics.
The complete system consists of two
shielded, 50.8 mm (2 in.) diameter, NaI (TI)
scintillation detectors shock-mounted in
separate weatherproof PVC housings.
The LFM-3 Radiation Monitoring System is
designed to maximize sensitivity to gamma
radiation, with a minimum of nuisance
alarms, at an affordable price. The system is
perfect for monitoring materials bound for
landfills, transfer stations and other waste
processing facilities
The detectors are constructed to withstand
temperature extremes. They also have low
mass housings to detect and discriminate
low, medium, and high gamma energies.
Cables connect the detectors to an easy-toread digital readout electronics package.
Operating the system does not require
intensive training or specialized knowledge.
Product Specifications
LFM-3 Specifications
FHT-6020 Controller
Displayable Range
Operating Temperature
Power Requirements
Maximum input current
Push Button
Audible Alarm
NaI Detectors
Radiation Detected
Operating Temperature
0 – 999,999 cps
32 to 122⁰F (0 to 50⁰C)
85V to 264VAC (nominal 115V to 230VAC), 47 to 400hz.
550mA, 115VAC or 330mA, 230VAC
6.5”x5.11”x2” (165mm x 130mm x 51mm)
2.9 lbs (1.3kg)
Extruded Aluminum housing
128 x 64 Pixel LCD display
One operating key
4 LEDs:
• 1 Green LED (Status)
• 2 Yellow LED’s ( Error and Alarm 1)
• 1 Red LED (Alarm 2)
85 dB(A) at 11.8” (30 cm) distance
•One RS-232 PC interface with a baud rate of 9,600 or 19,200
• One RS-485 connection for both NaI detectors
• One RS-485 connection for optional alarm tower connection
Low, medium, and high energy gammas and X-rays (>20keV)
The following point sources, free in air at 7 feet (2.1m) from the detector face can be detected with a confidence level
of 95%:
1 Second Interval
15 Second Interval
•44.6 µCi (1.65MBq) Cs-137
•14.0 µCi (0.52MBq) Cs-137
•17.3 µCi (0.64MBq) Ba-133
• 5.4 µCi (0.20MBq) Ba-133
•29.0 µCi (1.07MBq) Co-57
• 9.1 µCi (0.34MBq) Co-57
Two, 2” NaI(TI) scintillation detectors in low mass housings, constructed to withstand temperature extremes; they are
also lead-shielded and shock mounted within special PVC housings.
4.5” x 17.5” x 7” (144mm diameter, 445mm length, 178mm height)
14.7 lbs (6.7 kg)
Weatherproofed, painted PVC housings with liquid tight connections suitable for outdoor use.
-4 to 122⁰F (-20 to 50⁰C)
Alarm Tower includes standard 50' (15m) of cable TF-401-10000050
Desktop Mounting Assembly 1100722
Response Optimization and Test Adapter Assembly LFM-00003-ME
Mini Desktop Receipt Printer (alarm activated) TF-120-0004
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