Data Communications
Implementation Team (DCIT)
DCIT #23 Agenda
Working Groups
Thales – Crystal City, VA
Federal Aviation
DCIT 23 Working Group Agenda
Wednesday May 8th - 8:30 AM
Ops Management
Overview of Ops Management SharePoint
End-to-End Document Review - Rob Mead
Wednesday , May 8th – 12:30 PM
Systems Integration Working Group
SIDD Changes
Media Management
Thursday, May 9th – 8:30AM
En Route Working Group (inaugural session)
FAA En Route update – Gregg Anderson (4-5 slides)
En Route operational phases
En Route trials packages
Initiate end-to-end package development to get maximum return on trials work, and avoid the
“almost late” DCL situation
Make sure everyone understands the context (i.e. this is providing en-route direction, with detailed work beyond the above
being done by existing WGs).
Reviewing the existing En Route materials from DCIT (service surveys you’ve done, the brief Service descriptions from a year
or so ago, and the single industry trials framework slide).
Ensure the membership list is complete enough, and discuss whether people want it opened up more (I don’t think so, but we
should get consensus)
Get a briefing from the en-route Program Lead on where they are now, and what major milestones they have coming up.
Federal Aviation
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