Inverted Series
Suppressor Networks
Screening Procedure High‐reliability discrete products and engineering services since 1977 REFERENCE: MIL‐PRF‐19500, JANTX Level All Inverted Series Suppressor Networks procured shall be 100% screened in accordance with the following procedures, as applicable. Unless otherwise noted, all testing is performed at room temperature. For testing at high and low temperatures, Group A testing is required. TEST/PROCESS SPEC/METHOD CONDITIONS 1 Temperature Cycle MIL‐STD‐750/METHOD 1051 Test condition C or maximum storage temperature, whichever less. 20 cycles, 10 minutes per extreme. 2 Initial Electrical Testing Digitron Datasheet Per device detail specification. 3 Power Burn‐in MIL‐STD‐750/METHOD 1038 Condition B, 96 hours minimum. 4 Final Electrical Testing Digitron Datasheet Per device detail specification. 5 Delta Calculation Per device detail specification. 6 PDA Calculation 10 percent defective allowed. 7 Seal Test Gross Leak MIL‐STD‐750 Method 1071 Hermetic parts only. Notes: 1. Testing varies in accordance with the device detail specification. 2. Specific customer testing needs may be accommodated into any testing flow (selection tests, temperature requirements, special tests). Rev. 20130702