Common Precautions for Safety Precautions

PCB-mount Manual Switch
Safety Precautions
● Cautions
● RoHS Compliant
Use the Switch within the rated voltage and current ranges, otherwise the Switch may have a shortened life expectancy, radiate heat,
or burn out. This particularly applies to the instantaneous voltages
and currents when switching.
The "RoHS Compliant" designation indicates that the listed models
do not contain the six hazardous substances covered by the RoHS
Reference: The following standards are used to determine compliance for the six substances.
• Lead: 1,000 ppm max.
• Mercury: 1,000 ppm max.
• Cadmium: 100 ppm max.
• Hexavalent chromium: 1,000 ppm max.
• PBB: 1,000 ppm max.
• PBDE: 1,000 ppm max.
● Handling
Do not apply excessive operating force to the Switch. Otherwise the
Switch may be damaged or deformed, and the switch mechanism
may malfunction as a result. Apply an operating force not exceeding
9.8 N {1,000 gf}. Apply the operating load from the side of the actuator. Do not apply a load from an angle or from above the actuator.
Doing so may deform the Switch contact.
● Soldering
Observe the following conditions when soldering the Toggle, Pushbutton and Slide Switch.
Manual Soldering
Soldering temperature: 350°C at the tip of the soldering iron.
Soldering time: 3 s max.
● Environment for Storage and Use
To prevent discoloration of the terminals and other problems during
storage, do not store the switch in locations subject to the following
1. High temperatures or humidity
2. Corrosive gases
3. Direct sunlight
● Using Flux
Making mistakes in the type of flux or in the amount or method in
which it is applied can cause flux to enter the interior of the Switch,
with adverse effects on Switch performance. Assess the proper flux,
conditions, and methods prior to using it.
• Application examples provided in this document are for reference only. In actual applications, confirm equipment functions and safety before using the product.
• Consult your OMRON representative before using the product under conditions which are not described in the manual or applying the product to nuclear control systems, railroad
systems, aviation systems, vehicles, combustion systems, medical equipment, amusement machines, safety equipment, and other systems or equipment that may have a serious
influence on lives and property if used improperly. Make sure that the ratings and performance characteristics of the product provide a margin of safety for the system or
equipment, and be sure to provide the system or equipment with double safety mechanisms.
Note: Do not use this document to operate the Unit.
OMRON Corporation
Cat. No. A200-E1-02