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FlexMedia VG-01
HD Multi-Format Video Generator
The Alfamation FlexMedia VG-01 features
multi-standard digital and analog video
generators that address the latest HDTV and
3D TV test requirements. In combination with
the VA-01 High Definition LVDS Video Analyzer,
it performs TV mainboards video interfaces test
at breathtaking speed
The compact, high-performance VG-01 interfaces
with industry-standard NI PXI/PXIe and features
FPGA-based NI FlexRIO technology.
HDMI v. 1.4 with ARC and HEC
• 225MHz TMDS Clock Speed
• 3D modes support
• Ethernet internal node for HEC test
• CEC, DDC, HDCP test
Analog TV Video
• YPbPr, RGB, RGBS, YC, CVBS analog video outputs
• PAL/NTSC and HDTV up to 1080p
Video Graphics Interface
• 300 MHz pixel clock rate
• EDID decoding
Software Support
• NI LabVIEW software libraries
• Video patterns converter from .png, .bmp, jpeg and .tiff files
HDMI Output Interface
Video Graphics Interface
Video Support
D-sub 15-pin
HDMI v. 1.4 with Audio Return
Channel and HDMI Ethernet channel
Color Depth
3 x 10-bit
Color Format
TMDS Clock Rate Up to 225 MHz
Pixel Clock Rate
Up to 300 MHz
Video Resolutions
Supports video resolution up to
36-bit color 1080p (60 Hz),
1080i/720p (120 Hz),
576i/p (200 Hz),
and 480i/p (240 Hz)
Video Timing
Fully programmable
Output Signals
75 Ω RGB outputs;
TTL H/V sync outputs
Standard ™
3D Video Formats
EDID/DDC-CI Support Yes, VCP test, EDID read/test
Frame packing, side-by-side half/full,
top and bottom
Analog Video Composite and
Components TV Interface
Audio Support
Video Outputs
Six freely assignable MCX coaxial
outputs at 75 Ω
Video Encoding
SD Video Standards
Output Video Levels
Standard compliant
Sampling Rate
Max 192 KHz with 8 channels
Audio Content
Single tone, programmable from
20 Hz to 20 KHz or .wav file playback
75 Ω MCX output
Video Trigger Outputs Programmable: line #, line,
frame trigger
HDMI Ethernet Channel
Ethernet Speed
100 Mbps
Host Mode
Host connects through RJ45 input and
Ethernet is fed through the HDMI
Ethernet channel
Endpoint Mode
HDMI (HEC) communicates to
Ethernet internal node for
payload check
HDCP Enable/Disable
CEC Master/Slave Test
HD/ED Video Standards
Full HD Formats
1080p (25/30 Hz), 1080i (50/60 Hz)
HD Formats
720p (50/60 Hz)
ED Formats
576p (50 Hz), 480p (60 Hz)
NI PXIe 7962R
Occupied PXIe Slots
Protrudes 104 mm from the PXI rack
front panels (no cables)
Operating Range +5° C - 40° C
Humidity 20-80% non-condensing
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