SDR1005, SDR1806, SDR2207, SRR0804, SRR0805, SRR1003, SRR1005, SRR1806, and SRR6603

February, 2006
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Solder Temperature of “Oval Shaped” Power Chokes
Meets J-STD-020C
The maximum soldering temperature for the models listed below has been revised to +250 °C,
in accordance with J-STD-020C, Table 4-2, for components with a height greater than 2.5 mm.
In 2005, we reduced the maximum soldering temperature of +230 °C for these models. A recent design
improvement allows an increase of the maximum soldering temperature to meet the JEDEC J-STD-020C
All of the models listed that shipped after February 1, 2006 may be soldered at a temperature of
+250 °C maximum per J-STD-020C.
• SDR1005, SDR1806, and SDR2207 (non-shielded)
• SRR0804, SRR0805, SRR1003, SRR1005, SRR1806, and SRR6603 (shielded)
The complete soldering profile may be found on the updated specification sheets on the Bourns website
at, under “Inductors.”