AvTrak 2

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AvTrak 2 (Omni-Directional Version)
AvTrak 2 is a second generation
acoustic navigation and
communications instrument designed
to form part of an integrated AUV
navigation system. It combines the
functions of transponder, transceiver
and telemetry link in one low power
device that has been designed to
meet the requirements of a wide
variety of AUV mission scenarios and
vehicle types.
This capability can be used to
provide absolute position reference
data to periodically update the
AUV’s inertial navigation system.
The unit operates in Sonardyne’s
Wideband® or HPR 400 Series tone
modes with a variety of other systems
and transponders. It is also fully
compatible with Sonardyne’s family
of survey quality LBL and USBL
navigation systems.
The instrument is available in a
variety of configurations including
depth ratings to 7,000 metres and a
screened chassis option for mounting
within the AUV’s own pressure
vessel. The Type 8065 is a omnidirectional unit with integral or
remote transducers. This flexible
configuration is intended both to
assist the AUV manufacturer with
mounting of the instrument with the
AUV and to ensure the highest levels
of acoustic performance. A
directional AvTrak 2 is also available
(see Type 8140 datasheet).
AvTrak has a comprehensive yet
easy to use command language that
allows the AUV to undertake
simultaneous LBL ranging, USBL
tracking via a surface vessel and
robust telemetry for AUV to vessel
and AUV to AUV communications.
An internal ‘watchdog’ feature
monitors AUV comms activity and
can switch the unit into transponder
mode for emergency relocation. This
feature is supported by an internal
back up battery that provides power
should the main AUV power fail.
A number of acoustically controlled
digital I/O lines are also provided
for mission abort and emergency
ballast jettison control.
Key Features
• Incorporates Sonardyne’s latest
Wideband acoustic navigation and
telemetry technologies
• Compatible with Fusion USBL for
surface vessel combined
positioning and telemetry
(transponder mode)
• Supports AUV to AUV ranging and
telemetry (transceiver mode)
• Emergency relocation mode
• Digital I/O, e.g. for mission abort
and ballast jettison
• Integral depth and temperature
• Extremely low power consumption
• Internal back-up battery with
external trickle charge
• Configurable as a surface vessel
unit for AUV ranging and telemetry
Sonardyne UK (Head Office)
T. +44 (0) 1252 872288
F. +44 (0) 1252 876100
E. [email protected]
AvTrak 2 (Omni-Directional Version)
117.4 mm [4.62 in]
Ø69.3 mm
[2.73 in]
Ø69.3 mm
[2.73 in]
90.4 mm [3.56 in]
System Features
Frequency Band
Source Level (re 1 µPa @ 1m)
Range Measurement
Repeatability / Accuracy
Tone HPR 400 series
Acoustic Telemetry
Sonardyne Messaging Service (SMS)
Compatible Transponders (Transceiver mode)
Digital Input / Output
Internal Sensors
Communications Interface
External Supply Voltage
Emergency Internal Battery Pack
Dimensions and Weights (Air / Water)
(# = with connector and battery)
Active (Listening)
Peak (TX)
Continuous 4 second Interrogation
3,000 Metre Housing
5,000 Metre Housing
7,000 Metre Housing
Remote Transducer (3,000 Metre Housing)
Transducer Beam Pattern
Straight / Right Angle
Weight in Air / Water
Specifications subject to change without notice - 09/2009
M m
A [3
X .8
499.0 mm [19.65 in]
Ø93.1 mm [3.67 in]
With Sleeve
Ø87.9 mm [3.46 in]
Without Sleeve
358.0 mm [14.09 in] Clamping Area.
Type 8065
MF (19-36kHz)
188 dB
1cm / 3cm
10cm / 30cm
1,500 Baud / 600 bits per second (User rate)
Wideband Sub-Mini (WSM), Wideband Mini
Transponder (WMT), Compatt 5, HPR 400 series
4 plus Event sync
Pressure and Temperature
RS232 / 485 (9,600 – 115K2 Baud), Event sync
<50mW Approx 30 days
<500mW Approx 2 days
499mm x 93mm
5.1kg / 2.2kg
518mm x 93mm
7.0kg / 3.6kg
518mm x 93mm
7.0kg / 3.6kg
Array Calibration/Remote Tracking
(Rx 100-1000bps) (Tx 100-8000bps)
90.4mm x 69.3mm / 69.3mm x 117.4mm
2.5kg / 1.1kg