28V UPS Power Supply
Rechargeable lithium-ion battery system
28V battery system ideal for applications requiring 70°C operation
Saft’s UPS power supply consists of high
power VL 34P cells packaged in 2p8s
configuration. It is suited for applications
with high operating temperature
requirements such as defense and naval
Saft supplies complete energy storage
systems customized as needed to meet
customer specifications.
■■ S9310-AQ-SAF-010 NAVSEA lithiumion battery safety approval
■■ 70°C operation for 2 years
■■ High power
■■ No ventilation required
■■ Low life cycle costs
■■ Reliable and safe
Key features
■■ Electronics:
■■ Over-charge protection
■■ Over-discharge protection
■■ Over-current protection
■■ RS 485 communication
■■ Hardware:
■■ Stainless steel case
■■ Burst protection mechanism
■■ 450 A circuit breaker
■■ Charge controller:
■■ Current limiting at 4 A
Typical applications
■■ Defense
■■ Applications requiring high power and
high energy
■■ Uninteruptible equipment
■■ High temperature applications
Electrical characteristics
Nominal voltage at 50% SOC
Charge limit
Discharge limit
Maximum continuous current at 25°C
Continuous power at 50% SOC
Specific energy
Capacity 25°C
28 V
32.8 V
21 V
450 A
13.1 kW
950 Wh
28.3 Wh/kg
34 Ah
Impedance at 5 sec (250 A discharge)
8 mΩ
Mechanical characteristics
33.6 kg
8.0 in
9.8 in
24.5 in
Operating conditions
Operating temperature
-30°C to +70°C
Storage and transportation temperature
-40°C to +70°C
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