Primary Li-MnO2 battery
MIRA battery
30 V lithium manganese dioxide (Li-MnO2) battery
Saft’s MIRA battery is used as power
source for the MIRA night vision system,
which is a part of the missile system
MILAN. It is also suitable for other
military and civil applications with high
 High drain and pulse capability
 High voltage response, stable even
after long dormant periods
 No voltage delay
 Low self-discharge compatible with
long shelf-life of 10+ years (less than
1% after 1 year of storage at + 20 °C)
High energy density
Superior resistance to corrosion
Key features
 Twenty M 19 HR cells with spiral
design in 10S2P configuration
Safe, hermetic and non-pressurized
stainless steel cell construction with
glass-to-metal seal and safety vent
Integrated state-of-charge indicator
with LED display and push button
Short-circuit proof due to integrated
Charge protection diode
Restricted for transport (class 9)
Manufactured in Germany
Designed to meet all major quality,
safety and environment standards
 Safety: UL 1642 (File MH 61234), IEC
 Military: VG 96915-173 (German
military standard)
 Transport: UN 3090 and UN 3091
 Quality: ISO 9001, Saft World Class
continuous program
 Environment: ISO 14001, RoHS and
REACH compliant
Typical applications
 Night vision system MIRA
 Emergency supply in submarines
 Data logger in stratospheric balloons
 “Power pack” for various needs
12, rue Sadi Carnot
93170 Bagnolet-France
Tel.: +33 1 49 93 19 18
Electrical characteristics
(Typical values related to batteries stored up to one year at + 30 °C max)
Typical capacity (at 500 mA, +20°C/+70°F, 18.0 V cut-off) (1)
Open circuit voltage
Nominal voltage (under 1 mA at +20 °C)
Nominal energy (at 500 mA, +20 °C, 18.0 V cut-off) (1)
Maximum continuous discharge current (2)
Operating conditions
Operating temperature range
Storage temperatures
Physical characteristics
Height (max)
Battery case
Terminals (4)
Battery weight
Li metal content
Allowable (3)
-40°C/+72 °C (-40°F/+161°F)
+35°C (+95°F) max.
-55°C/+72°C (-67°F/+161°F)
184 mm / 7.24 in
72 mm / 2.83 in
133 mm / 5.24 in
Plastic hard case
Resilient sockets (corrosion resistant)
2700 g
66 g
Saft Part No. (4)
NSN (NATO Stock No.)
21.0 Ah
33.0 V
30.0 V
590 Wh
4.6 A
Can vary depending on current drain, temperature and cut-off voltage.
Current limit of the polyswitch at +72 °C. Higher currents are possible at lower temperatures and for
pulses. Consult Saft.
Long-time storage at high temperature may affect performance. Consult Saft.
For versions with different terminals and their part numbers, consult Saft.
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Batterietechnik GmbH
Industriestr. 22,
63654 Büdingen, Germany
Tel.: +49 (0) 6042 954 150
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Edition: March 2016
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