Magnesium-silver chloride seawater-activated battery
Type V616 for A244 torpedoes
Saft PN 40074 K
NSN 6135 15 116 9327
Technical Specification:
ST 244009
The V616 battery is specifically
dedicated to the power supply for
the propulsion and electronics of
A244 torpedoes (mod 0, mod 1,
mod 2) produced by Whitehead
Alenia Systemi Subacquei and
commercialised by EUROTORP.
used by 14 different navies
worldwide, in particular in South
America, Asia, Southern and
Northern Europe.
The battery is a bipolar stack of
146 cells. Each cell is made of
one silver chloride electrode, and
one magnesium (alloy) electrode
separated by plastic plots spacers.
Storage conditions
The storage life of V616 batteries
is the same as the storage life of
MK61 batteries:
The battery is stored without
electrolyte, and activated by sea
water after the torpedo has been
launched through a scoop located
in the hull of the torpedo. During
the run of the torpedo, a
continuous flow of electrolyte will
remove the heat, the gas, and the
mineral mud produced by the
discharge and corrosion reactions.
A244 torpedoes using V616
batteries have been successfully
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Saft is the sole qualified supplier of
the V616 battery for A244
the specified storage life is
5 years
Electrical characteristics
The performances of the V616
battery will vary with the sea water
temperature and salt concentration.
The V616 battery delivers a
nominal power of 32 kW under a
nominal voltage of 160 Volts and
for a duration of 6 minutes.
During the discharge the voltage of
the battery will decrease from a
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maximum of 190 V (peak voltage),
to a minimum of 140 V (cut-off
These performances are
corresponding to a battery
discharged in sea water at 16°C
with a salinity of 38g/l.
The specified limits of utilisation
sea temperature:
0°C < T°C < 30°C
salt concentration:
15g/l < Cg/l < 38g/l
Mechanical characteristics
311 mm
226 mm
34 ± 1 kg