+36dBm IIP3 Mixer Boosts Dynamic Range with 2.4dB Gain

+36dBm IIP3 Mixer Boosts
Dynamic Range with 2.4dB Gain
+36dBm IIP3
2.4dB Gain
0dBm Drive
Wideband 300MHz to 3.5GHz Integrated Mixer Lowers
Power and Reduces External Components
The LTC®5551’s +36dBm IIP3, combined with 2.4dB conversion gain and 9.7dB noise figure, produces outstanding
dynamic range performance. Its high gain saves an expensive IF amplifier stage while minimizing noise gain. And its
0dBm LO drive eliminates a high power RF amplifier, ensuring consistent performance without sensitivity to LO level
or power supply variations.
Product Features
LTC5551 Demo Board
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• 300MHz to 3.5GHz Frequency Range
• +36dBm IIP3
• 2.4dB Conversion Gain
• 9.7dB NF
• 0dBm LO Drive
• Low Power: 670mW
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